Friday, November 14, 2008


Although math is long over, there's a urgent need to plan for my after A's funds.

1) TBC + WOTLK + 2 month game card = 40 + 69.90+ 50 ~ $160
2) Guitar = $200+
3) Prom clothes = 100-200+
4) Weekly expenditure = 50-100+?
5) All about poker book = 60+

I left out the malaysia trip with my classmates cause i THINK my parents will sponsor me for the trip if not im SCREWED.

How how how to pool up that sum of money?!!

Working is a choice but i really hate working especially customer related jobs. I think i will just go efffffffffff if i encounter a irriating customer.

Poker seems to be a good way to earn money HAHA. ok sh it back to bio.


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