Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Tsk, i hope this post doesnt attract anything but JOB OFFERS

Supermassive was better than expected hah. The way to get to the venue was a pain in the ass though, having to walk like 100+ flights of stairs. NO JOKE. The venue was kind of huge though there was not enough people to fill in the space. I think only the front were filled to the brim!

We watched only 4 bands(not sure how many were there) played before going to dinner and the second band and fourth band was good. Power drummer,guitarist and singer for the second band, saw on the net and think they were the chmapion for some singapore band challenge competition. Fourth band sang coldplay song very well!I think it was a j3 singer. Original plan was to watch till class act came up and just leave the place but sadly they were the second last performing band of the night. Luckily though manage to go back in time to hear them play.

One word : POWER!

Haha their guitarist was damn good and the singer had a very good voice and stage presence. The sound setup was so much better than the other band too where the sound of their drums mask their bass,vocals etc. Hmm the last band was pretty good too.

Of course the other bands werent that bad too, the technical side(guitars drum etc) were ok but their vocals... wasnt very good or just had no stage presence. Then again its a great eye opener event!

Only one complain though.. The Muse song covers SUCK BIG TIME. Makes my heart ache so badly when i hear my favourite band song being butchered like that. Dont think one should cover muse songs cause its super super hard due to the singer very highhhh pitch.

Never thought i would say this but I NEED A JOB!Money is draining so fast every week. I want a flexi job which u can choose to either work 1 day a week or anytime HAHA. If anyone got such a job intro ok !! i will give u a mega mac treat!

Today was filled with mixed feelings ;/


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