Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy bday to me~ Sweet 16 :D.

Got quite a number of greetings in school today and went to eat lunch with yihe,lk,adrian. Time seems to pass really quickly when you're gossiping, spent 3 hours talking cocK! Went home, checked my hp and got a couple of greetings. Some from very unexpected people whom i havent keep in contact for a longgggg time! Came back from tuition and oned my msn and i received 6 message instantly and 2 frenster testi..rofl. Thanks alot guys :>.

On a side notes, our physics teacher spent almost the whole freaking period to "convince" us to drop to combined science. Saying we'll have a better l1r5 bla bla bla and we'll have a better chance to go to a better jc other than the top 5 jc. Its rather sad that our own teachers tells us "Dont expect to go to the top 5 jc" Regarding the dropping to combined science + 1 pure, i think its just completely retarded to drop ur subject combination just for the sake of getting a good l1r5 and i'm 100% sure that she's just trying to BRAINWASH us to drop to just make the school rank go higher. Ooohhh SO what if we get good marks for our l1r5 with their combination and get into top 5 jc? we'll just be able to join those shitty course because of our combine science and not those popular courses. I rather take a risk and get maybe into a slighter worse jc BUT WITH PURE SCIENCES which would allow me to enter into a uber course compared to those good l1r5 BUT shitty course.

And after listening to her propaganda, surprisely so many people wanted to drop to combined science. I dun blame those who are really weak on science but people who are quite good on science dropping to combine just to heed the "easy" way she tallked about? *shake head*

And of course my dear big mouth fren i mentioned in the previous entry came up to me today and asked the same question again. Same answer and here comes the new reply!

Some fren: u dun drop later u get b4 for all the sciences then i laugh at u.
Ky: *Keep quiet* (thinking in the mind-> i'll laugh my ass off u if u get into a shitty course when u got a good l1r5)

Sorry but i aint no risking my dreams on becoming a doctor on a fucking school ranking! Never believe ur teacher :D


Blogger .JaZzY. said...

i missed ur bday??dang..that sux..sorry dude!belated happy birthday!!

10:52 AM  

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