Friday, November 30, 2007

I finaally finished the mawai report. 100 words to 3.6k words in 1 day. Impressive eh, all thankss to Citizen Erased(yees repeating a song a thousand time does helps), Skype,heroes and dota for keeping me alive. Its so sad heroes episode production is going to be delayed due to some stupid writer strike in america. I want to see hiro fighting against peter petrilli!

Going to malaysia for EAGLES on saturday. Sigh back to ancient civilisation.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Building traps to capture insect for ocip saddens me. Thank god my group trap is the easiest to set up. Just hang a big piece of white cloth and place a light source behind it. My group mates are nice too, most of them from mawai group 3 so i guess that's okay. BUT I STILL WANT FISHING ):.

Friendly with NJC tomorrow yay. Haha always fun to compete with the strong!

I havent seen a five star movie for a long time and it happened recently.Yihe rented The Prestige and we watched it at aaron's house a few days ago. The movie came out last year but strangely i didnt bother to notice it. The story is about friendship between two magician turning into rivalry and how they pit against each other. One of the most brilliant plots i ever seen.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Haha a team? What a big joke. Over reacting maybe but just keep your comments to yourself.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monthly shoot yesterday was good even though i shot only 455 hah,improvement from 420 though. Shit i thought i could obtain an "andrew card" for the first set cause the first 6 shots were 10,9,9,9,9,9. Too bad stress got the better of me and the next 4 shots were quite shit which ended in a 83 series.

Mostly 8,9,10s now, just have to cut down on the white shots and everything is fine.

AND I CANT BELIEVE I SHOT A ONE. @#$@#@ 61 series.

Eagles is coming but i dont quite look forward to it. Apparently, my group job is to catch insects and probably research(?) on it. No idea how that helps the community butt I HATE INSECTSSSS and one person in my group.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Training was fun today because of the new shooting pratice. There's 5 levels, level 5 being the first stage and level 1 being the last. yayy i reached to level 2 :) Shit the st pat guy COMPLETED the thing within like 30 mins when i was still stuck in level 4.

Left training early and went with clarence and Haofeng to the Singpoare swimming club for a swim. A pity that it was raining, swam just 10 laps before having lunch. ):

Went down for the class farewell dinner for Ms oei at glasshouse fish n co. Quite fun i guess, i bet something with huiyi and i have to eat finish the stupid cake cause i lost(SHE CHEAT ONE) ):.

Few of us went to pool for awhile before going home. haha

Super lazy to write about mawai. Blogging is a chore now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mawai adventure trip tomorrow. Hopefully it's a fun one, pity that very little ppl from my class is going though. Perfect time for a break, havent been feeling happy for the past few days.

Oh and i've been looking up on leeches.

So cute. Then i came across this.

However, bacteria, viruses, and parasites from previous blood sources can survive within a leech for months, and may be retransmitted to humans. A study found both HIV and hepatitis B in African leeches from Cameroon.[2]

Shit. No one better have HIV.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mmmm dinner at Miss Clarity Cafe was nice, best of all, there's no GST and service charge.

We walked to marina square intending to catch a movie, but sadly all the 10-11pm movies were sold out/selling fast. Decided to go to the arcade and HAHA 1 v 1 with yihe at that stupid street fighter game again, tied at 1;1. Next was daytona where adrian gave up halfway cause his car was driving in the opposite direction. He was still at 5/8th lap when we completed the race! After that it was some random gaming and all of us gathered to play the spot the difference games. ITS DAMN ADDICTIVE MAN HAHA. We spent like 2+ bucks on that game alone.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

The night at the beach brings back memories, both good and bad ones.

Chalet was fun despite some of the random emo moments haha.

I hope its still not too late to pay for my nyaa trip ):

Argh stayover with my parents at sentosa, i think it would be a boring thing.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I was linked this video yesterday. Its about 3 british people bullying some old trishaw uncle. For those who havent seen the video.

I couldnt bear to watch the whole video the first time, skipping every few seconds. Dont really need to say anything since this video speaks for itself. Its kind of sad that these things happen in society :|. And whats with the elderly still doing such a job in their 70s?

Some chinese news did an interview with him

Part 1

Part 2

The interview is really really sad. The uncle is such a nice and friendly guy.

This incident got pretty big that it reached to a uk website

"On comments that his group had bullied Mr Lee, Mr Davis said: 'Looking back, I think we were insensitive. But bullies, no.' "

Of course when something like this happen in singapore, singaporeans would bombard the internet giving all kind of comments. The video has like thousads of comments and that ang moh profile wasnt spared too

Though sometimes i wish that they would post some intellectual and fair answers on the ang moh forums to not make singaporeans look stupid ):.

They did an interview with his family too.



I think it means he wants them to do an official apology,to pay for the trishaw fees and to film themself stepping on the videotape and putting it on youtube. Not sure about the last one. Tbh, i wasnt really expecting the old man to have childrens, which son would let their parents do such a job at his age?Maybe he has his own problems too.

Karma has its way to find those 3 bastards.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The sleepover at sy uncle house was fun =D. His uncle house is damn big and nice man, with home theatres and a pool table!

We took turns playing on the pool table and cards. Arghh i lost like 15 bucks :(. Began drinking at around 11 and we watched 300 at like 2+am. The movie was quite good, though i feel its a little overhyped by the media. The people who were still alive(basically almost everyone) wwnt to some nearby 24 hrs shop and ate prata. Went back and those crazy fucks still went to watch gladiator!Watched for like 30 mins and i just slept at the sofa.

I think the highlights was adrian/nicholas getting raped and aaron getting drunk HAHAHA.

Adrian was the first one to get raped. We pinned him down and everyone stripped him to only his underwear HAHA. Lk was recording it(which he delted it later duh) and of course it was all in the name of fun. He got raped a grand total of 5 times LOL. First rape victim and most raped victim.

Aaron was really funny. He got a little tipsy and high, doing lots of stupid and random action. He even tried to rape lk. We were quite worried for him but then he suddenly told us "HAHA im not drunk! i'm just kidding you guys" and seem to sober up. When he woke up to eat prata with us, he had a bad headache and couldnt remember anything at all.

"You cannot remember anything at all?You tried to rape lk too."

*aaron in a shock state* "WHAT? i tried to rape lk?Omg seriously tats so wrong. how could i rape him. are you guys joking or what"

He became like very remorseful suddenly! So unlike the normal aaron. I guess he was a little too tired when he drank, all of us were quite sober!

Went to eat breakfast and all of us went our separate ways. Damn fun day please!

Chalet on monday and i need to find a way to GET MONEY. I am a poor person ):

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ky is very tired because he hasnt started on his I&R and needs it to be completed by friday.

He is being kept awake by Micro Cuts and Citizen erased by Muse and some msn conversations. He has been working on I &R for 3 hours and has ONLY typed 250 words.

He cant wait for pw to be over so that he can be free and go out and have fun like what he is doing for the week.

Ky has pw group meeting tomorrow AT 10.30AM which is super early.

Ky will go to sleep now.

i have a big ass!