Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm logging in to my friendster less often but sometimes when i log in. I get a good laugh rofl. No seriously, friendster can show u how despo a guy can go. I was doing my usual round of friendster as usual and i found this user! Rofl it made me laugh so much that prolly my balls fall off.
( This post might require a little badnwith since theres picture)

So i saw his friendster and i was like wtF! So many chiobu in his friend list. He's not the typical yandao guy that could seem to attract so many chiobu. Now dont get me wrong, i'm nt saying that his look suck or wadever. NOW LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE PIC. He's a member since aug 2005? WTF! When i saw that i was fucking shocked. Guess what?ALL HIS FRIENDS ARE ALL GIRLS. WTF . Dont u have any guys friend?So the curious me went to investigate.. .

LMAO OWNED. Almost all his testi all has the word thanks for adding me. Care to intro?ROFL. Here's some of the testi.

I dont know why he's so despo to add girls rofl. Are u trying to boast ur ego in school by showing ur friends that u know alot of girls? Or are u tryin to make SO MANY NEW FRIENDS? 5 accounts.. (4 x 500) + 182 = ? Do u need to know 2182 people who almost 90% are girls?-_- This kind of thing sure makes me laugh alot man rofl. For a moment i thought he was like some pro girl magnet or smth. It turns out to be different HAHA.

What annoy me alot is his profile though. Take a look at this

WTF U'RE A MAN. Omg i cant believe theres boys actually trying to type the act cute chat language. I get annoyed easily when BOYS use that language to talk to me.

Boy: OrH... | pL@y|nG C0mP|_|t3r G@mEs...

LIKE WTF CAN U TAHAN THAT? I mean its so retarded to use tat language to chat. Its not cool, its very IRRIATING. I bet u guys wont want to see ym blog language to become: " L|kE wTf c@n U t@|-|@n Th|s?" This is just making me more stupid trying to figure out. And look at the " I wan to find my true princess". Here's a advice from uncle muthu: If u want to find, stop fucking adding so mayn girls. ur 100% effort will spread out to 32426523623 girls ROFL. Even ur princess will get turned off by ur "i like to add girls" attitude.

Incase u're saying me a baddy or i'm a jealous idiot, i mean LOOK. DO u need so many girls? like 2185 for u to choose?

Uncle Muthu final verdict : U're despo. ROFL Pwned GG

Friday, August 26, 2005


Everything arent just going my way

Got back some results today. i was fucking shocked just fucking shocked.. My best subject i actually got an f9, like WTF? I was like sitting on my desk, almost wanting to breakdown. i just cant believe it. AND THE MOST FUCKING WORST THING IS IRRIATING PEOPLE SHOWING OFF THEIR FUCKING MARKS.

Here's how the typical conversation take place

FUCKING IDIOT: Hey hw much u get?
Ky: Lousy la bla bla marks
Ky: u leh?
FUCKING IDIOT: oh i only get bla bla(WHICH IS LIKE 50-60+)
Ky: good lor
FUCKING IDIOT: Oh hw come u get until so low oone?
Ky: DUnno la(in a pissed tone)
FUCKING IDIOT: I thought u very pro one and can win me easily!!
Ky: ......

THAT IS SO FUCKING INSENSITIVE OK? I FEEL LIKE SHOUTING YA FUCK OFF LA DID U PASS BIO?(i did quite well for bio) WHOS THE LOSER HERE?GRRRR.Even if i ask my fren for his marks and he failed, i would just stop asking or just say sorry . I WONT FUCKING PROBE MORE. i just hate when people think they're actually helping u by praising u. Ya praising my ass. Wait till u fail ur SA2, I'LL ASK : " EH BLA BLA HW COME U FAIL SO JIALAT?? I THOT U CA2 DAMN SMART ONE"

I dont know anything about u anymore. communication are broken. I dont know why. I really dont know why. Almost everytime it'll be a short reply or just a sentence answer and there would be no message sent by her if i dont msg back.

Here's the worst scenario

Ky: tells soem bla bla bla bla
*no reply for few minutes*
Ky: adds some extra comments bla bla bla
*No reply for another few minute*
Ky: ........?
she: o.o?

2nd scenario
Ky: bla bla bla bla
She: o.o
Ky: blab la balb alb al
she: l0lx
Ky: bla bla bla bla
She: lolz
When i see those two scenario, I would just end off with a =/,. and as usual no reply came back.I give up on those 2 conversation.

When i see that i really feel damn sad. I type a whole few chunks of sentence and just only to see one line of o.o?. I dont knwo whether u read all the above thing i chat. I dont know the reason. Maybe u're talking to alot of people, but why me? WHy am i the one who get the cold shoulder? I dont get it. i just dont get it. If u could talk to the erst in ur usual tone, y cant u talk to me in that? Am i too boring or am i irriating or what? I really dont know. I'm trying my best just to maintain contact and all my efforts are just going in vain. It takes 2 hand to clap.
It used to be really funny and nice chatting to u, i guess everything is different now.

My cca is screwing me inside out and up down left right. My attendance is less than 50% and under some OMFG NEW LEAPS PROGRAMME. U MUST HAVE 75% AND ABOVE ATTENDANCE TO GET UR CCA POINT FOR TAT YEAR. 50% AND BELOW ALL UR CCA POINT FOR THE ENTIRE SECONDARY SCH WILL BE WIPED. nice gg or? I already give up on my cca.. really picked the wrong cca man. Should have changed during sec 2 .. Go to some other cca.. Its just boring. . IF U'RE IN MY CCA AND U HAPPEN TO SEE THIS, PLEASE DONT FUCKING GO TELL THE TEACHER . i'll screw ur ass inside out up down left right instesad.

I just dont have the mood now. So dont piss me off this few days. NOR DONT FU CKING PROBE INTO MY RESULTS. I'M ANGRY. Who says the horse have the best fucking luck this year?Maybe only on the start of the year . .

I want everything to be back like normal again. I tried my best but everything is still going against my way. . i'm stucked and i dont know what to do. I'm just a freaked out zombie counting his days on earth. U might nt seee me again. u'll never know

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Exams over!

Woo finally the exams are over. Didnt study alot as usual. Just one day before the exam! Hope i do well enough to not get banned from computer -_-. There's this really funny guy posting a comment from some timber industry. ROFL i think my blog is too famous or wad to attract some big ass company! But nevertheless, seeing the counter is sad -_- i'm still at 500+ :(. Approx 5 - 10 visit per day onlY! More pleaseeee. Tell more people to visit!

Sheesh i think my msn chatting skills is deproving. Too much of gaming/proper english > chat. Its just hard to keep a conversation with u anymore. . 1 sentence out 1 sentence in and theres silence. Nevertheless life still goes on. I feel like koping a song from a blog but i feel bad T_T and the song dun really suit my taste sooo just bear with the songless blog!

Ps: i wan my gift to be given to u!
Ps2: anyone know how to change my blog background? Help please!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Theres a emotional part of me that is dying to break out while the optmistic part of me is controlling it. I'll have to pratice controlling it now for it would be worst for the worst scenario which is 80 out of 100 precent. Sometimes looking forward to the 20%(or less) success can still bring u positive results. It all depends on how u look at the glass of water, whether is it 80% empty or 20% full. Meanwhile this song helps me alot and i totally love it.

DHT - listen to your heart
Listen to your heart, when he's calling for u
listen to your heart,
there's nothing else u can do
i dont know where u're going
and i dont know why
Listen to your heart..

Monday.. passing some gifts. Hope it turn out well. Life is complicated

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Things seems to be getting sucky. I dont know whether i should just ask the question. . maybe after monday i'll know the answer by then.Months trying to get back the rose and failing everytime and hurt by the thorns. I know there would be a low chance of sucess but heck lets just try again. Afterall if all fails, i'll just admire the rose from a distance like what i've been doing all this time.

Recently some one has complained(or joked =p) that i didnt link their blog in my website when they have linked mine on theirs . Since my html sucks, i dont really know how to put LINKs onto the website. so i'll just "promote" those people whose blog i see has my linK!. Surprisely some people link me to ur blog although i dont really talk much to them now.haha

Jeslaine bloG!

Ying ying ( Update my blog url in ur blog please!)

Yilin ( same for u toO!)

Everyday i log on to the com, the first blog i'll go is her blog roFL! She's a fren i know from some game. Its not because i like her or wadever(she's 18++!), the language and style she used in her blog is just very nice. U'll know it when u go to her blog :P

Funny reads
Singapore most famous blogger! If u dont know, u're really a hermit :P

THis guy is just ROFL. His blogspot is full of ah beng language which are damn funny la. His blog even came out on the newspaper during the NKF episode featureing blogs that talked about the NKF scandal. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, a bad word dig its way through the singapore sensor and landed in the newspaper. His blog url for tat entry was ROFL when i saw the newspaper, it was so damn funny. THe word cheebye was there where as another blog by another blogger was sensed. Cant remember wad name i think it was big****

That's alL! I migh tmiss out some. Its late at night and i'm nt functioning well !

Ps: happy bday to someone ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm having mixed feelings again
Just like the coffee i drink
It taste bitter yet it taste sweet
will u like it or hate it?
To quit or to crave more for the coffee
Time has passed
the 1 month trial is over
Came to a conclusion
Srry i have to let u go
no matter how hard u and i tried
the love isnt there
It just wasnt there
I just realised
1 day of caring someone u really like
can actually beat 1 month
I shallnt go on
doing that will only be lying to u and myself
Life has to go on
Lets be friends again :)

Told her, she agreed and just friends now. Its good that the thing end up in a nice manner. i'll just wait and wait for someone. . In the end i chose a flavour and i wont regret it :)

4 more days

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Havent update for a long time! finally got my lazy ass back up. Lots of things happened lately YummY!. Went for some rubbish malay civilation tour. Now dont get me wrong , i'm not saying it's rubbish because its malay or wad! i'm not racist kk! The whole tour was just so boring except the last part when we went for some malay KUNFU! Luckily that shit ended earlier. If it ended at 5.30, i 'll be probably bored till i pissed at my pants. Ended early so just went to her house for abit an hour to accompany her.

Its time to close the chapter for the past and move on. I realised that its just impossible anymore. Yup.. Maybe the chapter would be open again. who knows? Life is short, i dont want to spend unneccesary time getting stucked with this thing but to apperciate what i have now. Being too greedy will only leave u with nothing. So kok seng, heres the answer to ur question to me in the bus on the malay tour =p. Special thanks to her too for being so understanding of my past! Now i can devote myself all to U! Sorry for all the trouble last time~

Damn exams. Miraclously i'm studying studying studying wtF! Now i realise i dun have enough time T_T. 1 day left to study 7 subjects! Must score good then i can go out after the exams with herrrr!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Went to watch charlies factory yest with marc, aaron, lk ~ Rushed after school to lido and there was an 11.15 shoW! Best was that there's many space. The show was abit funny at some times where those stupid short dudes come out and dance, other than that its really quite boring. It would be boring for those who know the storyline. marcus was really scared that the show was for kiddies! Lots of primary school student in the cinema T_T!

Charlie and the chocolate factory:
3 or 3.5/5

Common test are coming and i still have no motivation to study. I think i'm going to study 1 day before the exams like usual again. Been doing that and miraclously i've been able to scrap thru my sec 2 streaming and got into tri science!Since i already came this far, why not continue doing the same?=P. Maybe i'm different who knows. People who read my notes say my notes sucks -_- but when i read theirs, i cant seem to understand shit! WtF! My notes are all simple and rubbish english~! Mid way, u get to see gaming slang, like gosu, hasu all the rubbish words! Somehow i manage to do better than those with their sself proclaim "uber notes".

So heres the plan to CA2:
3)More gameS!

For some unknown reason, i can remember better when i play more games --" Somehow games seem to stimulate my brains!

Woo i found another nice song(Thanks sara :D). Here's the lyrics!

I know there's something in the wake of your smile
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yeah
You've built a love but that love falls apart
Your little piece of heaven turns to dark

Listen to your heart
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye

Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile
The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yeah
They're swept away and nothing is what it seems
The feeling of belonging to your dreams

Listen to your heart
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye

And there are voices
That want to be heard
So much to mention
But you can't find the words
The scent of magic
The beauty that's been
When love was wilder than the wind

Listen to your heart
When he's calling for you
Listen to your heart
There's nothing else you can do
I don't know where you're going
And I don't know why
But listen to your heart
Before you tell him goodbye

Listen to your heart

I don't know where your going
And I don't know why
Listen to you heart
Before you tell him goodbye

HAPPY BDAY SINGAPORE. I love the holidays =P

Monday, August 08, 2005

Depressed, Saddened, disappointed. I'm just nothing at all now.

// anyway out of topic. Dont wish to say so much. There's some people asking me what i do online every time -_- so i'll say now!

In no proper order!
1) View people blog!
Viewing people blog is always fun. From the funny ones to the meaningful one. YOU CAN ALWAYS USE IT TO PEEP AT OTHER PEOPLE K?
2) View forums
Mostly just edenii forums~
3)Surfing on gaming news
I DONT KNOW WHY PEOPLE MAKING SUCH A FUCKING DIN ON THIS. I mean some idiots say omg u're a freak surfing gaming news! They should look into the mirror and look at themselves . THEY'RE SO FUCKING MAD ABT SOCCER. Every match also watch. It all applies to gaming too kk? So stfu thansk k bye!
4) WoW(world of warcraft~)
Quite seldom play it now though! i'm pathetically slow at it =P

Watching charlies factory tmr. Lets hope theres FUCKING SEATS. All book liao wtf. and i need to wake up early tomorrow. That is so rubbish! my parents are still in sentosa X_X and i need to go to sch alone =~(.30 mins of slp is gone ;((

life still has to go on no matter how people treat u now or how shitty life is. . . .

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Life is almost the same as the things around you

I had like this "toy" where there's 6 side. U have to turn around the sides to get one side of the same colour. I still remembered i bought that toy for my art exam in sec 2(which i didnt even use it?) I tried playing it within the year and still failed to obtain one side. Just yesterday, i accidentally throw it up in the sky and it crashed down slamming all the pieces away. Tried piecing it back but apparently, i needed to take off a piece which i tried in vain yet could nt take out. it was so fucking sticked to the structure. I was desperately trying to take out that piece. I have no fucking idea why this stupid idea came up to my mind. I took the structure with some remaining pieces still inside and i tried slamming against the floor again, hopeing to get the piece out. Instead the other pieces came out BUT not the piece i wanted. It was still stuck. I tried desperately 1 hour to piece back all but was all in vain..

Heart that are broken in pieces
the more desperately i try to mend it using my methods
the more pieces i break it into
The pieces that i broke will never be back again. . .

She's attached again. I dunno. . my faith in love is dying out soon. Maybe thats how u want it to be, to make me forget of the past. I guess thats how people say
Happy beginning sad beginning. Nothing happy last forever

//on a side note
Went to ms leong wake on last saturday. . I just dont know why the parents dont want to let us see the head. For some reason, only the head was shown from the coffin. Only the last group of people(5 ppl i think?) could see. There might be a certain reason so i guess we just have to respect the parents.

ON A FUCKING ANGRY NOTE. MAK GENG YUAN THE SUCKER(view my previous post). GUESS WHAT HE SAID WHEN MS LEONG PASS AWAY?His msn nick was fucking "what the hell . . why must the school put up ms leong orbituary on the newspaper? They could use that 1k dollar to buy us new table and chair" WTF WHEN I HEAR THAT, I FEEL LIKE WHACKING HIS FUCKING BALLS. I MEAN SHE'S UR FUCKING FORM TEACHER FOR HALF A YEAR AND U SAY THIS THING? U SAY SHE DID NOT RESPECT U FINE. IF U HATE THAT TEACHER, COULD U KEEP UR FUCKING INSENSITIVE COMMENTS?MUST U TELL THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD? Seriously this kind of people really deserved to get their fucking balls biten by sharks. Sigh. i got nothing to say. Just sad Just sad.. Not bad geng yuan. u got the whole class hating u now :).