Friday, March 30, 2007

Somehow i wish 156 wouldnt be the first bus available to arrive in the bus stop because i would have to walk pass ny in order to reach home which i have been doing for the past like 3 days. It's a bittersweet thing to walk pass ny,bitter cause i would go @%@#!! when i see a nyjcian and thinking it COULD have been me yet sweet cause it brings back memories walking pass a familiar place and i might meet some old classmate.I saw sheryl and eileen today! Oh man those morning walks with tj and dharma while waiting for the stalker were classic man. Haha omg shit i think i've been talking non stop about ny for my recent post.The quality of new batch of ny girls seem to have improved by a bit from the previous batch! LOL

Jc life is killing me man. I dont understand alot of things being taught in class, worst still im a 3 monther *cover face*.

I think its something like this in term of difficulty.

Bio > Math = chem > econs.

Econs is the easiest since there's no lecture for h1 econs in ny and my ny tutor was VERY good too! Bio is totally an alien to me =s. Bio lecture in ny is very distracting for me to concentrate haha =D. Math and chem are a pain in the ass too,its like trying to piece together all the ultra small jigsaw puzzle to form a big piecture. It helps alot to have a helpful and funny partner beside me who teaches me using her own analogy which i somehow manage to understand =D.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jc life is just no life. With a shitty time table that has at least 2 hours of break everyday and 3 hour on tuesdays, school ends at like 5pm everyday.

Whats worst im forced to join a shitty cca that i do not like. Oh my , call me a loser from now on!*cover face* Damn you shooting for rejecting me #%@#!@. I'm seriously lacking of sleep, dying of exhaustion =s.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just when i was taking the longer way home by walking around NYJC, i bumped into amelia. Man she has some sharp eyes! If she didnt called my name, i think i wouldnt notice her since i was looking at something else. She's still as hyper,crazy and of course mad over her army boy! What a concidence, didnt thought that i would meet someone i know from ny along the way.

The small things that makes it worth staying in ny seems to magnify soo much after leaving the school. 0704,og,friends and bio lecture(aww go figure why on your own :P).

Luck in cj isnt really very good recently. Rejected by the shooting team, oh man there goes my dream cca. Looks like i have to resort to joining those clubs which is like some shitty cca, so much for saying to yourself that you will join a sports cca in cjc LOL

Monday, March 26, 2007

I can only hope for the better.
Thanks alot Hao feng and Andrew. YOU NEARLY GOT ME KILLED FOR LAUGHING TOO MUCH AND OBVIOUS AT "JASON". I got questioned ok #%$#@!@ LOL

Sunday, March 25, 2007

:]SUFOXIS[: -tiingx- says:
eh wad cca u join arh?

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:
currently in track and field the field lor..

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:
but went for shooting trials

:]SUFOXIS[: -tiingx- says:

:]SUFOXIS[: -tiingx- says:
track n field

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:
shooting is my dream cca!

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:
waad whaaa

:]SUFOXIS[: -tiingx- says:
nvr knew u so sporty de

:]SUFOXIS[: -tiingx- says:

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:
i sense sarcasm

Ky: Shooting team PLEASE! Slack + sports cca + competition + the b word! says:

LOL i was right! Talking about track and field, both of my arms have been aching since the previous training. Imagine throwing the discus continuously for 2 hrs, somehow i still cant get the throwing technique right grrr. I dont think i'll be continuing discus though, its damn demoralising seeing another j1 throwing the discus across more than half the field while you can only throw like...half his distance. *cover face* Shooting trials was ok. The first and second target paper werent really good though i think the third paper was ok, with a 4-5 shots near each other. Not bad for a first timer i guess!Trials were kind of funny though.

(All in the mind)
Ky: *gets back target sheet* omgg my first sheet kind of suck!

Ky: *looks to the right* HAHA OMG ONLY 3 OF HIS SHOTS HIT THE PAPER. ALL SO FAR SOMEMORE. Shit im gooooood!

Ky: *looks to the left* WTFFFF! ALL HIS SHOTS ARE CLUSTERED NEAR THE BULLS EYE AREA. *open mouth big*

J2: dont worry he has shooting experience.

Powerful mind reading skills of the seniors. Oh man i hope shooting would accept meee. Its the perfect cca which has everythingg!

Oh shit, there's PHYSICAL TRAINING FOR PE TOMORROW and my arms are still aching. Great great. I hope they miracously heal by tomorrow.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not in the best shape, struggling to survive. The blog isnt really a private place so i'm not saying anything here.

Choosing CCA is a pain in the ass. Guess which cca i went for a trial run?LOL i think those who know me would go wtstf! The idiot here actually went for track and field's field for a trial run yesteday,even i myself cant believe i went to a sports cca trial. Since it was raining that day, they had gym training. Hao feng and me went in, talked to the coach and started training. I felt damn demoralised when i stepped in and saw those fit people T.T, its really damn sad mann. Did some weight lifting here and there with a lighter load of course and did like 5-6 sets of some exercise that you have to bend and "unbend" with a 40kg load(which later increased to like 50kg!)over your back. I accidentally twisted my left wrist badly during that exercise and it HURTSSS today. My arms ached today and the pe today just further killed it.

Sighhh i have absolutely no idea which cca to join. Its either some slacky cca like interact club or track and field! Interact club sounds so loser and stupid(though there's alot j1 = more interactionnn!) while track and field training is like so fierce. The people and coach are very friendly people though!

Im going to try shooting tomorrow LOL. Wish me luck for the trials tomorrow. Shooting is like the best combo cca! Its a sport cca + its not so fierce. Only problem is that you need to have the shooting talent and not many people will be accepted!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy day :D

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bro laptop died today and i have to pay for the repairs !@#@%@. Computer down, laptop down. Oh man im going to be so bored at home till my new computer comes in like 3 weeks time.

Class orientation on monday and i heard we're going dragonboat. Sighh it really sucks not joining cjc orientation cause u go there and end up knowing like 0 ppl other than some marist and friends who got in there. Last i heard, the class already met each other last friday, wah lao later all form clique then stick to themselves #$@#@#!. Please give me a super frienedly and nice class :( *pray*

Friday, March 16, 2007

Went out for sakae buffet with some of the 4c people before we parted ways. Lk,me,aaron and hy went to Mind's cafe, with yihe joining us later. The ambience at Mind's cafe is really very cosy and nice, pretty nice to open a business where people can gather to play board games :D.

BOARD GAMING = SO DAMN FUN HAHA. Shit i self jacked myself so badly while playing cluedo, here's what happen(if u understand the game).

Ky: HAHA come im going to guess the murderer.

Ky: Mrs Peacock. Wrench. Ballroom. Sure win one la.

Lian kai(person who guessed wrongly and died): HAHAHA WRONG WRONG! YOU GOT IT WRONG. DIEEE!

Ky: Dont talk rubbish la.Where got wrong?I Sure correct one. *takes out and see*


Ky: *sees mrs peacock in my hand cards* ..................WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKK

Yihe: *peeps at my card* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *starts laughing like a idiot*



THen everyone became laughing -_-. Played monopoly after that. Yihe was the most unlucky and stepped onto quite alot of houses and hotel aka mr bankrupt. Hy/lk was the richest followed by aaron, me and yihe. Did i mention i had amazingly bad luck in monopoly because i went to jail like 34534634 times and most of my draw cards were shit plz.

Total cost was 46 bucks for 5 people for 3-4 hours, comes with cookies,chips,drink of your choice each. A little costly though the monday-friday promotion is some cheap though! 5 bucks for 2-6pm + unlimited drinks!I think we should just play board games at aaron house! Its free,fun and there's vodka drinkss :D

When i reached home and went online, lk, yihe,aaron nick were ..--'

Yihe - "Mrs Peacock. Wrench. Ballroom. Sure win one la." - Keryu
Aaron - Aaron~ " I had the peacock but I didn't see it, it was below the other card in my hand! " - Muthu

One word... IDIOTS!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pool today with Yihe,BW,Weiwen. It was good in the beginning and shitty in the end. Worst of all, there were girls sitting infront of our table when the game became shitty, omg damn maluu please! Straight ball also cannot go in, side ball also cannot go in, all hit cushion near the hole instead of going in . Pek chek! Overall the session was good since there's only 1-2 bad games in the end.

I think i shall stop using the word babe now! T.T Some people are getting the wrong idea that i go around looking babes -_-. oh no please im not so desperate! Great irony that girls can talk about their favourite korean/brad pitt stars like crazy and guys cant even talk about babesgirls they see on the streets. *shake head*

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The miracle came :). I rushed down quickly to cjc by cab and went to meet andrew there before proceeding to the general office. There were quite a few people there waiting , surprisely i saw shermaine frmo my srjc og there too. The meeting with the principal wasnt perfect, partly due to my stupid fault :P

I sat on the chair after greeting him.
Bro paul: did i say you can sit down?*says something which i did nt get to catch*
Ky: oh sorry sorry.

2nd part..
Bro paul: Your hand writing is so untidy and messy!
Ky: Er yea i wrote it while i was queueing up
Bro paul: i could tell that

He passed me some form at the end of the session
Bro paul: Fill in this form and pass it to my secretary. Write neatly this time.

T.T Why does everyone say i have bad hand writing! Then again, he's a nice and friendly principal :D Its a good thing i cabbed since the girl after me had to wait to see him because he had something on or smth. Phew!

Went back to srjc to get the form signed. Hmm i didnt expect to make a new friend through the appealing process ;X. Cjc girls are friendly! Couldnt have imagined waiting like a idiot in srjc office for the principal for 30+ mins alone, it would be so boring~

Very very very big thank you to andrew, which without him, i would not be able to enter cjc. Thanks for writing a letter to save my ass :D Aww i love you. Yea i got raped at his house just now, at halo 2 50 to -2. :(

Monday, March 12, 2007

My ass hurts after 2 hours of cycling in ecp, am surprised that i manage to cycle suddenly today considering its the second time cycling and i failed miserably in the first :P.

Dinner in chomp chomp with aaron,hy and his cj friend was delicious yet sinful. There goes my fats burned during the 2 hours of cycling. Man its tough slimming down.

I shall be a good boy and stay at home tomorrow!Pool on weddddddd!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:
i just realised something

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:
siantzu in nyjc

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:
i know

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:
my fren told me

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:

My heart wants to sing every song it hears, says:
lol xD

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:
why do all the good thing happen

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:
when i leave ny

Ky: Sigh. Just have a little faith.... says:
Beautiful day :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

My mind was on the brink of mental destruction and my heart felt so heavy yesterday that i logged off early at night(which is soo rare!) to rest on my bed. I did something that i havent done in ages - praying. Somehow after praying, i felt ALOT better and much happier.

Today was a much better day probably because there were actually GAMES today and i went to school with a lighter heart. Thoguh the guys still didnt mix much with the girls and i think the girls are blaming us for being anti social or smth LOL, its maybe partly our fault but i think the orientation programme plays a big part too!Games only on the last day and it only lasted for 1 hour which equals to very little bonding time.

Met up with dharma and his 2 friends, benjamin(i think!) and sherman(HAHA I FINALLY REMEMBER HIS NAME!) at serangoon mac after fusion night. I saw many familiar faces while walking there, i think i saw yuhan at some coffeshop, saw and talk to bao zhu in mac.

Fate?Coincidence?Bittersweet either way. I miss nanyang and 0704.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I so damn miss nyjc to the extent that i walked back to nyjc from serangoon interchange and just stand outside the gate like a idiot, wishing that i was back in ny again. I hope my appeal would go through though the % of success would be like 0.34234% sighh.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I lost hope in miracles and hope.

I see myself slipping away, going back to the dark side. The deja vu of this sad feeling - same old fucked up feeling during secondary 3, only difference being that the depression during sec 3 is still 1000x worst and i doubt anything can ever bring me down to the bottomless pits again.

The last thing that you can give a man in the past is hope
The best thing that you can give a man now is hope.

Just have a little faith..
Nyjc is like to warcraft 3 standard game while srjc is like to maplestory. Decipher your own, easiest solution is just to look at my msn nick.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rejected by Cjc and posted to srjc. The whole entire morning was spent on photocopying all my pass results/certs for the appeal to cjc. I expected alot people but i didnt expect to wait for 1 HOUR ++ just to submit the damn form. No complains in waiting though :P Oh my so many babes appealing to cjcc, not to mention j2 cjcians! I think the number of babes i saw in cjc today alone > the total number of babes in the ny , best of all?They speak english LOL. Srry thats what guys do when they're bored, they g00gle around for babes!

Somehow quite a few people i know ended up in srjc with scores like 14-16 aka rejects of jc they miss by 1 pt. At least there's some company in srjc. Lets hope those babes tat appeal to cjc got posted to srjc!

Sigh I hate the year 2007. Nothing ever goes my way.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

So Monday would be the last day for me in NYJC. The first day when i stepped into nyjc, i expected that i would have quite a boring and hard time suffering in here due to the fact that i have a bad impression of nyjc before :P. Here i am now, somehow regretting a little for not putting ny as my first choice. What great irony *shrugs* Lets just say i have many good,happy,funny,weird memories in ny.

Some of the happy ones:

Og14 - Days at orientation was quite fun playing all the games and cheering together. Though i have to say this mostly applies to the guys only :P, somehow there seems to be a barrier between the guys and the girls. Nice and funny guys to talk shit around with, man i can still remember yan jie, jovin and me walking back together on V day. Hah 3 lonely idiots without dates going home LOL.

0704 - 0704 = the sex man. Super class with a super class spirit. Oh man, u gotta love those pe lessons where we trash the shit out of the other class EVEN THOUGH WE ONLY GOT 4 GUYSSSSSSSS LOL, thats like only 2 guys to a team and we still beat the opponent teams with 3-4 guys a team. Omg powerful girls and guys! There's also the class outings,pon tang sessionsss. Though i wasnt very close to anyone, still i had a great time with everyone :D.

Some of the funny ones:

Siew teng friends - Happen to meet with some of siew teng friends while playing pool with her, concidentally they're in nyjc too. So there was this introduction thing blabla. On the next day, while i was in the canteen walking back to the table.

Girl 1 : Hiiiiii

Ky: *turn around* Err hi (Who the hell is that?!!)

Girl 1 : Remember me or not?

Ky: Ya of course! studying now ar?(EHHHHHH OMG SERIOUSLY WHO IS THATTTTTTT)

Girl 1: ya. Oh ya siew teng friend , whats ur name again ar

Ky: Ky(of course i told her the full name), whats yours agian? i think i forgot!

Girl 1 : *says her name* (There's a reason why i type this :P)

Ky: ohhh okee byee!

Girl 1: Eh you damn bad leh, only ask my name , u never ask hers

Ky: (WTF!THERES ANOTHER ONE?!!) Huh who?Oh ya hor i forgot. (i felt like slapping
myself after i said that cause there's a pair of dulan eyes looking at me LOL) So whats your name?sorryy

Girl 2 : *says her name*

Here comes the sentence of malu!She had a black patch on her eyes so..

Ky: Oh. Your eyes ok or not? Looks damn black leh. You got *does the punch action on my own eye*

Girl 2 : *gives some face*Thats my birthmark

ky: oh ok.. see you later!

LOLLL I FEEL LIKE KILLING MYSELF AFTER SHE GIVES ME THE FACE. Oh and i forgot their names after i said bye to them HAHAHA. Oh my, its my Super short memory man, not that i want to forget them or smth!

Orientation dance - I was realllyyy scared for the couple dance thing not because im scared to hold the girl but because of my SWEATY PALMSSSSSS. I dont think a girl would like that LOL. So it turned out that my dance partner also had sweaty palms(or maybe the sweat on my palm was too much :X), which relieve the shit out of me. Oh and my dance partner couldnt do that turning part HAHA, so funny trying to see her do in a comical way which she gave up in the end :D. Dont think she reads my blog so its safe!

Weird one:

KINDERGARTEN SCH MATE - WHAT ELSE IS MORE WEIRD THAN A KINDERGARTEN FRIEND SAYING "HI I REMEMBER YOU" TO YOU SUDDENLY. Like omg wtf, im still wondering how she remembered me, i cant remember anyone frmo kindergarten except for my kindergarten best friend. Plus, i think i changed alot since kindergarten, i looks so cute and small last time!

Sigh oh well , if not of the chinese culture in ny and my better results, i would have gladly stayed there. Then again, lets think positively because i would probably die if i stay there.

1)The math teacher wants us to hand in tutorial 1 and 2(which is like 30+ questions) next week WHICH I HAVENT DONE ANY OF THE QUESTIONS AND DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE TOPIC

2)I failed my bio test badly(i think) which i originally wanted to study a little but thanks to hS and her 02jam *cough*, and i would have to attend the repeat bio lectures for the new batch of people

3)I think the chem teacher hates me now LOL. He gave us this stupid note book and wants us to write down a question after every lesson to ask him. The first stupidd question which i wrote last week was "How did scientist know and discover so many element?" He replied normally so i thought it was ok to ask rubbish question LOL. Oh nos, i'm so wrong :( When i got back the book, i got a 2 PAGE ANSWER from him.

I asked him a question with 7 words : "What is the rarest element on earth?"

And i got a 2 page answer : "I am sure you could do a google search on this. I need you to ask me questions on the topic at hand. Think about various problems on what you have learnt. My personal observation of you is that you have not settled down yet and do not know what you want or what to do. Pls talk to someone about it, "I am available." Settle down in whatever jc you have decided and quickly move on. There is much to learn in the universe, "ask the right questions to get the right answers"

I was laughing when i read it. Oh my, he's smart though to know that im leaving nyjc. I didint do so badly for the test! 10/30 not too bad considering i left 2 whole page blank, didnt study and skiped the whole of redox reaction lecture.

A picture says a thousand word so erm..

Group pic

Mirror mirror~

The couple in class :D


Night in esplanade :)


Bye nyjc, i'll miss everyone and of course you knwo who... go guess you own :D

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Thursday, March 01, 2007

No effort and no fate, you cant expect anything.

A nice way to start friday is to skip school!I'm sickkkkkkk. The tissue paper is my best friend now.

"Death cab - I will follow you into the dark"

The rabbit is so cuuuteeee!