Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today was saturday since i didnt manage to finish blogging HAHA

Today was so unproductive

After the class outing yesterday, i came down with a bad flu and cough today. Tuition was bad cause i kept sneezing and flu, but studying was worse cause i only did 40 MCQ in 4 hours HAHA. Most of the time were spent sleeping and stoning ;O.

Then came the highlight of the day, Baybeats! Though actually i wasnt really very enthuasiastic about it since my flu was killing me. The place was quite packed and we went to the nokia arena to watch the first performance. I think it was by cardinal avenue or something, i thought that they were a decent rock band but nothing special though. The style and vocal were just like any other random rock bands out there =s.

Next up was You and Whose army! I didnt had a good impression but after the first song, they totally changed my mind :D. Their vocal and lyrics sounds really radio headish with all the sophisicated and dark feeling but their electric guitar sounds like muse! I guess that made them unique and very much different from the rest. And i just found out after i get back that their name is actually one of Radio head songs.

And their myspace states(
Influences: Radiohead, The Mars Volta, Bjork, Leslie Low, Mew, Kings of Convenience, Bloc party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hiromi, John Butler trio, We Are Scientists, Muse.


Oh and haofeng did/said so much bad thing on that day, its SURE he's going to HELL.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Woo i love math. Hopefully there's no careless mistakes and its all bright and sunny!

Teachers day tomorrow and due to sheer laziness the lack of time, i didnt manage to buy anything for my teachers :(. I think our class is lucky to get all the good teachers! All the teachers except one are damn nice and good please :D.

And about the one.. i think i have seriously given up on him hahaha so has some of the class people. Which teacher wouldnt mark any test paper at this crucial period of time?!?! TWICE IN A ROW SOMEMORE. The excuse for the first was "I marked one or two of your scripts and i dont want to go through the tiring/painful process of marking the rest" or something along those lines. Excuse for the second paper was "I marked the first page(which was all MCQ) and place together, then i saw the first page and thought i mark finish everything already. then i realised i only mark first page so i'll just give u all back"

I can see some people rolling their eyes or giving the pissed off face when he said that haha. What a stupid excuse =s. Isnt the structured question more important to mark to check our phrasing of answers?!

Sometimes i wonder how some teacher can mark test in a 1-2 days while some can take a week to mark 10 MCQs lol. Shit i really admire my math teacher cause she can mark FAs and homework assignements in one freaking day!

Oh well teachers without dedication

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Inorganic chem sucks. I always wonder how people can stuff all the rubbish into their brains.

Chem and BIO are worrying :(. Jay will probably chop my head off if i fail chem again.

I notice studying in school will always generate or pop out a different weird person everyday.(if u get what i mean..,hahaha)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I think cjcians are very nice people =D. I was intitially quite pissed in the start of the day due to some stupid xiao hun hun blasting techno songs on the bus. Of course the pig here still managed to fall asleep and luckily some cj girl woke me up or i would have miss schoool.

I cant rememeber who it was but thank you soooo much :D:D

But stupid nerd looking guy who takes from the same bus stop as me, kept smiling/laughing at me when i got down the bus?!?!wtf.

I think its better to end in a positive light. MY NYAA IS ACCEPTED HEHEHEHE

ok this is just too funny that i have to share it HAHA

Friday, August 15, 2008

I saw the deck of shooting cards on my table and i have the sudden urge to shooot again. The thrill of getting a 9/10 is always great but of course getting a 6/7 after shooting those 9s would make u want to bang your head on the table.

I miss those days :(. Though it isnt too bad cause the company is still here :D. I think night study is quite freaky hahaha with the magic creature appearing and stuff.

And fed lost to james blake. Shit la. Fed is like shit now. Damn sad :(

Oh well off to sleep and continue my climb at mount Jay to conquer the avalanche of prelim papers tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


" So how many prelim papers have you guys done?This this this this... you guys did 4 school papers out of 16. So thats like 25 marks for the prelims, 25 marks still an U right? so you guys wanna be wad? U FIGHTERS?"

Ok i think thats quite funny HAHA.Damn stressed now. 2 prelim papers upped to 3 per week :( :(

Monday, August 11, 2008

I think this is when it ends.

On a happier note, i just though of this short umm sentences in the bathroom.

"Durians here, durians there, calories EVERYWHERE"

Friday, August 08, 2008

I dont know why.. but i get headaches listening to faster pace songs by muse,DT etc now. I think its because i've been listening to very slow acoustic songs for the past few weeks, that sucks cause i want to listen back to my normal favourite bands!

Today was fun! Happy bday jozz and i hope there's mahjong tomorrow :D. Ikea cheese cake is damn nice please!

There's the olypmic ceremony going on on tv now. Hur actually i dont really care if singapore gets its second olympic medal from table tennis simply because they are all IMPORTS! I hope sailing/shooting wins or something.

Back to my nerd mission!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Ok guys so u guys must remember the trigo angles, for example, sin45 gives u squareroot(2)/2 which is 0.707"

Ok i dont know what the other 2 thought but i was ":O shit! what the hell, he figured the number in 0.1 sec without the use of a calculator"

Tuition gives me hope and motivation! And yesss most importantly, i am seeing the results :D, should have started it a long time ago. 1 chem lesson with jay > all the chem lessons combined in school this year. I think school is a waste of time now, revision lectures are useless, tutorials are useless too. They should just stop school now and just allow consultations on your own time.

YES! i will try to hit the 4 prelim paper target this week HAHA.

Thanks haofeng :D, maybe this good thing u did will bring u up one level from eighteen level to seventeen level of hell HAHA

Friday, August 01, 2008


Its amazing how a change in mood can feel so goood heee. I hope this happy feeling lasts!