Saturday, September 30, 2006

Going to study physics today just incase ms goh b*tch about it on wednesday. Wish me luck! *gulp*

Friday, September 29, 2006

ZZZZZZZZZ a2 for combine human. SHTI HSIT SHIT. DIE ALREADY LAAA L1R4 ALREADY 14. Its so true, after a good day comes a bad day. I hope my bio gets a 1. Come on T_T. Hopefully moderation will happen for english,combine humans and e math, GG - 3!!. I want to go into nyjc. Omg even catholic jc is 12 points now...

Ms goh came in for physics today and yada yada scold the class for 2 whole period. She suddenly just scold me wtF!!

Ms goh: Ker yu
ker yu: ?
Ms goh : What did u do during the exam?
Ker Yu: *just keep quiet*( I wanted to say err just do the paper lor. ROFL the smart side of me told me if i said that i would be some gged)
Ms goh: Day dreaming right? Just like what youre doing now.

Ya i was listening. Day dreaming my ass. Poor zhi got picked on by her 2 times LOL. i guess thats the suffering of not studying physics. Then again, who cares? As long as i study for my O's, its fine. I know shes trying to wake us up or wadever, but wtf pick on me for?!?!Its not like im sleepnig when shes talking(i doubt anyone has the b@lls to do tat).

Then again, physics period was a enlightening period cause she told us that SOMEONE went to write the song we're supposed to sing for leaver ceremony outside the HOD office and told us or rather one group to stop planing for all this and just study hard. I was shocked man. I knew that there was some singing but I DIDNT knew that we He already DECIDED ON THE SONG without asking the class. No i wasnt the only one. I bet 3/4 of the class didnt knew abt the song thing before ms goh told us. Rofl i guess it happens again. What more the class doesnt even know the song name :P

Ky: zzz....A2 for combine humans -_- WTFFF!!!!!![] says:
did he inform u abt thee planning?
I GIVE UP LA!study also like that ...... says:
I GIVE UP LA!study also like that ...... says:
he nv say
I GIVE UP LA!study also like that ...... says:
asshole right

Oh well, what can i say? Its not because i have something against him. A class performanec and u just gather your group of kbox friend and just decide on a song. You just submit it without consulting the rest of the class. Oh my what can i say? Like yihe said to him, "If you wanna perform out there, please dont call it a class 4c performance, its only your group performance, nt our class" or something liek that. Democracy is bullshit in our class. Long live communism woo.

And when i wanted to ask him..
Ky: zzz....A2 for combine humans -_- WTFFF!!!!!![] says:
why u didnt consult the class before submitting the sing?
David |永远的愚人| says:
will ans all u ppl's doubt on mon


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sigh. Depressed. A2 for chem, A2 for e math(thanks to the prelim 1 which made my a1 gone), b3 for chinese, c5 for english(ZZ),f9 for A math, so thats 12 points for 4 subject. I was really disappointed, i expected A1 for both chem and e math. My heart sank when the 3 a1 were read out, none. . none of them was me. When i got back the paper, i felt like stabbing myself. So many damn careless mistake. I could have gotten a damn 1. When it was my turn to confirm my chem marks, ms chua asked me "Was a2 your expectations?" I was feeling really low and just gave a quick reply "No". I guess she sensed my disappointment and said something about a1 which i didnt have the mood to hear at that time. I feel kind of guilty now not replying her and just walking away after she finished. A caring teacher like her doesnt deserve this i guess, shes the ONLY teacher that talked to every student invidual about the results.

Then again, i like to thank god for letting me get these marks despite little hard work.

I hate it alot during the giving back of the exam paper. I would feel shitty or good after getting back my marks and there would be always some people to spoil/worsen ur mood. I REALLY CANNOT STAND THOSE PEOPLE WHO GIVE SARCASTIC OR INSULTING REMARKS DURING HTIS PERIOD. You got an A for some subject, you ask your friends around you for their marks out of curiousity. THEN SOMEONE WITH A LOWER MARK GOES "WIN ALREADY LOR. A2 HAO LIAN LIAO" LIKE WHAT THE FUCK? IM JUST ASKING FOR THEIR MARKS, I DONT GO LIKE "HW MUCH U GET?OH SO LOW?HAHA I WON U!" Sheesh. I cant understand wads their problem man.Whether my mark is low or high, i would just still ask for the people around me. ITS LIKE NOT I GO ANNOUNCE "HAHAHA I GOT AN A2" The ironic thing is when the same person got a decent grade , he would announce "YES! I Got XX Grade!" and say some other thing about his marks. I really cant stand the person sometimes, i mean like what the fuck does asking marks got to do with being boastful? Or maybe its just sour grapes? You know me, i dont whine unless it really pisses me off very much. Do it in a class test or wadever, i dont give a shit cause i wouldnt study for it anyway. But do it in a major exam, and i would get really pissed due to my low mood.

Different people have diff expectation. It kind of sad sometimes when people go flame a guy is sad because he didnt get 80+ when he already got an A1. Its understandable though, not many ppl can stomach that unless they understand. When someone fails to meet his achievement, he would naturally feel sad. Simple as that. Been a tired day... Its time to take a rest.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The muscle is willing but the mind is weak. So true so true. .
Its been a long time since i had such care free days. Friday went like eat, lan , then walk to some place which i cant say here LOL. Went to kuishinbo to eat the buffet yesterday followed by lan (AGAIN!) and then to the movies. Singapore dreaming was not bad, thought it was not up to my expectation, probably 3- 3.5/5. The rest were bitching about how they wasted their money watching that show, i found it quite ok though. Perhaps they're just bias against the local films :P

Damn im going to hate tomorrow. Theres like almost all the lessons tomorrow = get back most of the results G_G. :( i hope i get my desired results. a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 a1 .

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry. Another insider joke.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ok. . i'll touch his breast when hes posing for the camera!!

Man poor guy. I think he probably got mistaken for marcus choo

Friday, September 22, 2006

Time can bring you down
Time can bend your knee
Time can break your heart
Have you begging please
HAHAHAHA 30 MINS OF STUDYING PHYSICS SAVED ME! I was damn scared that i would fail like shit when i saw the paper passing down. The people behind me got like 9? or smth for 1 section and went " shit! I thought they were phy pros?!?!". Lucky i manage to get 83/150 a c5. Then again i feel a little sad that i didnt study for the easy paper. Sheesh. Off to lan and movie <3

Thursday, September 21, 2006


What if david beckham wears thick emo black specs and contracted syphillis one day?. .


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WHO DOES THIS LOOK LIKE?!?!?!(srry insider jokes only)
Eric clapton is coming to town!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I think i can compile a book on jason on all the theorycrafts he makes and all the random dumb shit he does LOL. From what i heard, he was doing some eraser sandwich to show to the ppl around him.

Ps: im sec 4 btw not pri 1.

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
for some strange random reason

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
suddenly he turn to me

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
got some eraser in his hand

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:
wads this?

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
i was thinking, wtf?

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
then he say wad

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
eh andrew turkey ham you wan eat i give you?

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
i was thinking, isn't that a fucking eraser?

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
so i said

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
er....if it's food then you touch already u still wan give me eat?

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:
omg no manners

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
cuz i couldn't believe that he would cut his eraser for some shit like this

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
then he ask me again, you want?

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
i was like -.-

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:
then u say yes?

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
i said no lah

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
then he started laughing

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
"HA, you really thought this is food ah?"

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:

Ky: I just want to be a gold digger and use pillage. ROFL! [] says:
i guess he finds pleasure in seeing ur cute blur face

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
and it's handsome blur face

Andrew - ₪ ǾъЅآĐÎaИ™ ₪ [] says:
not cute kk?

I think i shall treat andrew like a 3 year old kid too. "NOOOO Dont touch my pen! Thats not food!" Again, i would like to stress that all of us are sec 4s and not primary 1 students.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I feel sad seeing the state of the mainstream music and artist now. Their concert is some funny too. I think theres a report on the backstreet boys concert in Life! and the author said that the background dancer danced better than the band itself looool.

Theres always a new craze for me on the things to search in youtube. Last time was anime(naruto/bitchbleach> and now its MICHEAL JACKSON!. I used to like him alot last time until he suddenly disappeared. Man he dance so damn nice especially the damn moonwalk.

So i tried doing his move. . I did this

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And i fell. Bloody sh*t

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Movie to watch list:
The devil wears prada
The banquet
Singaporea dreaming

I hope sg dreaming will last till next week!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I had this sudden urge to hear this song, Sum 41 - pieces. I could still remember clearly that this was the song i kept repeating while playing my gxl league(which i mention in some previous blog post) game on my darkest day in sec 3. Its amazing what songs can do to peopel. I was crying while i was playing , the tears became anger and the anger became my strength. I was in a bad patch that lasted whole fucking year because of some shitty incident. Of course, im immune now :D What breaks you makes u stronger i guess. And heres the song lyrics. Yea its an emo song wadever :P

sum41 - pieces

I tried to be perfect,
But nothing was worth it,
I don’t believe it makes me real.
I thought it’d be easy,
But no one believes me,
I meant all the things I said.

If you believe it’s in my soul,
I’d say all the words that I know,
Just to see if they wouldnt show,
That I'm trying to let you know,
That I’m better off on my own.

This place is so empty,
My thoughts are so tempting,
I don’t know how it got so bad.
Sometimes it’s so crazy,
that nothing can save me,
But it’s the only thing that I have.

If you believe it's in my soul,
I’d say all the words that I know,
Just to see if they wouldnt show,
That I'm trying to let you know,
That I'm better off on my own.

(On my own!)

I tried to be perfect,
It just wasn't worth it,
Nothing could ever be so wrong.
It’s hard to believe me,
It never gets easy,
I guess I knew that all along.

If you believe it’s in my soul,
I’d say all the words that I know,
Just to see if it would show,
That I'm trying to let you know,
That I’m better off on my own.

The gambler was playing a game where one can draw 6 cards and all of them must not add up to 20.The lower being the better As the gambler draws 5 cards, he opens 1 of them which is a 3. What would his other 5 cards be?..

Thursday, September 14, 2006

1 week for bio, leaving the 1 day each for the rest of the subjects.

The gambler never wins

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

OMFG PHYSICS PAPER IS LIKE ONE ZILLION TIMES EASIER THAN PRELIM 1. @#%!@%^!@!%!. *prays hard* chemistry paper easy plss!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Giving up physics and studying chem. Going to spend like 30- 1 hour rememebering the formula so i wont fail so bad though. The physics paper better not be damn easy and the chem paper be super hard. Or i'll end up like this :

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Its no good being surrounded by rich relatives. My mom told me last night that my aunt has "retired" .WTF? She's only like 30+?!?!?! One word just flooded my head "MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY OMFG SO RICH" Fyi, she and her husband both are bankers. HIGH RANK BANKERS I THINK! + they have no child. Wow i think the combined salary can easily reach 20k -_-. Then again, hes the most generous/kind uncle since he always treat the whole family for family gatherings like father day,christmas,new year to restaurants, with the bill normally being 500+ per table so thats like $1.1k each time O_O(with the my humble house exception). I doubt i'll ever have the luxury to frequently treat my family to posh restaurant :X nor do i have the heart to spend like around 1/6(hopefully) of my salary away like that LOL. Its always good to eat those "high class" food in a long time especially since u live in a school that sells u dog food. Of course i dont like him only because of his $$$, hes a friendly uncle who gives u advise yada yada.

Damn, i want to live the high life and be like him man. 3 condos, 1 sports car omg T_T. Now now.. which profession to aim for next time. teacher , doctor or banker? Ok thats 1 down LOL. Real rich people dont act rich, its only those who are slightly abv avg that acts like they own the whole god damn world. One good example is one guy in my class :X

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Watched the devil wears prada today(yea when nxt week is the exams!). It was a good show unlike some ppl claiming it to be sucky! Die plz no taste. I would rate it around 4/5.

Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
we watching wc3
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
they chionging
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
omg -_-
ya lar
they like
got fire
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
die lor i only cover bio leh
hihi says:
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
take 1 whole week to cover bio
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
hihi says:
i damn scared bio
u nvr even try
u went to watch movie
when they chionging
hihi says:
u watch wc3 when they chionging
u played dota
when they chionging
hihi says:
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
i got try lor ;(
f u
u ask me dota
Ky: Hope is the last thing that leaves your body before you die [] says:
tats late at ngiht

GG NO RE? I think i need to call the care police

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I love people who talk so much cock. My brother was forcing me to play dota with one of his supposedly pro friend bla bla bla , didnt want to play cause i only touched my bio + i havent played dota in like months.

He chose the ghoul and i chose the death knight. Actually i only used the death kngiht less than 5 times :P I only remember it being imbala!

Let the thrash talking begins
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I dont knwo whats the bloody problem with ppl typing -cson to show off to their opponent.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was using the death knight(or wadever u call tat hero in dota) and i just kept using the shield spell on a creep when its being whacked by the tower. The skill is always in a game for a reason ;(

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oops! first blood

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Whine more plsplsplpsls.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yup im using a "lousy" hero according to him.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More theorycraft pls.. Sounds like someone~

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And the results *drum rolls* :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

ROFL! 30 kills 3 deny in 24 mins. Thats like 1 creep kill per minute. Thanks for showing off ur cson!

He theorycraft so much that he cracked my nuts inside out. Reminds me of the theorycraft master jason. Maybe like they're related?lol. I wouldnt be bad mannered if he just kept his mouth shut at the start. Too bad he got raped ;( Cry me a river

Friday, September 08, 2006

I want to watch the devil wears prada and singapore dreaming. Links updated and new links added. I hope theres NO MORE ERROR. Updating links is some pain in the ass!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wow. A petition to remove their school principal. source :

1. Definitions

1.1 Within this document, Mr Lee Hak Boon shall be known as ‘the Principal’ or ‘Mr Lee’ unless otherwise stated.

1.2 Catholic High School (Secondary) shall be known as ‘School’ within this document.

1.3 The term ‘We’, and ‘Us’ is a collective term to represent the students, parents of the students, the School Alumni, and teachers of the School.

1.4 “Students” would refer to Students of Catholic High School.

1.5 “Student Leaders” or “SL(s)” means the Student Leaders Board members comprising of Student Councillors, Prefects, and the Class Management Committee.

1.6 “Prefects” would be students appointed by the school who carry school badges with a black strip with the word “Prefect”, and wear the school tie in school at all times when in full school uniform. Their task is to deal with discipline problems in the school by being part of a collective force to apprehend students in breach of them. They are part of the Prefectorial Board, which is part of the Student Leaders Board.

1.7 ‘Student Councillors’ refer to students appointed by the school to deal with affairs including, but not limited to, preparation of school activities and events, coordination of school programmes.

1.8 “Class Management Committee” refers to students who are or were Class Chairmen or Assistant Class Chairmen of their respective classes in school.

1.9 “Class Chairman” and “Assistant Class Chairman” refer to the Class Monitor and Vice-Monitor respectively.

2. State of Request

2.1. We ask that Mr Lee resign with immediate effect.

2.1.1. This is to take place and the Vice-Principal of the Primary School shall take over, either temporarily or permanently.

2.2. We request that Mr Lee to take no further part of School Activities

2.2.1. This includes, but is not limited to: Preparation of events: Children’s Day Teacher’s Day Youth Day Racial Harmony Day Chinese New Year Catholic High Sports Night Catholic High Annual Cross-Country

2.3. We ask that he present a formal apology to us on basis explained in: (Point 3)

2.4. The use of funds in the upgrading of the school library.

2.4.1. The buying of new books and learning resources

2.4.2. The buying of new storybooks and texts

2.5. The use of funds to get better teaching resources.

2.5.1. Relevant studies and books on subject matter

2.6. The keeping of teachers as follows, unless by choice, the tendering of resignation:
2.6.1. Mrs Alice Long
2.6.2. Mrs Melissa Neo
2.6.3. Mrs Chung Lee Siang
2.6.4. Mrs Anna Tan
2.6.5. Mr Jeffrey Goh
2.6.6. Ms Thian Wan Eng
2.6.7. Ms Leong Se Yean
2.6.8. Mr Yong Kwang Hei
2.6.9. Mr Goh Yong Han This list is not exhaustive.

3. Reasons of Request

3.1. Mr Lee has requested the building of ponds and with due thanks to donations has made them possible. This has been detrimental to the school in the following ways:

3.1.1. These ponds are: Pond at Car Porch in the Secondary School. Pond outside Science Laboratories Pond in the Primary School Premises.

3.1.2. Request for such funds to build ponds was unnecessary. This has diverted funds which could be used in better ways (Point 4).

3.1.3. High maintenance and electrical bill
3.1.4. Poor maintenance of the ponds.
3.1.5. No immediate and tangible benefits of the pond

3.2. Mr Lee has bought statues and stones or requested the donation of these them. They have had no benefit and had been detrimental.

3.2.1. The statues in question: Statue of Eagle at Car Porch of Secondary School. Various stones along sloping path upwards from Secondary School Car Porch to General Office. Statue of ‘Fire’ at Plaza and the bronze statues at the Secondary School General Office car porch running to it. 2 Statues of Lions at mini-river outside rooms of NPCC, St John’s Ambulance Brigade and NCC (Air) Statue of hands outside of the Primary School General Office

3.2.2. Monies used to buy and maintain these statues could be diverted to other funds.

3.2.3. They have no tangible benefit for the students.

3.3. Mr Lee has scolded teachers for the high electricity bill.

3.3.1. To quote a teacher who has spoken on condition of anonymity, “That time, he complained to us that the electricity bill was high because we were staying in school and marking worksheets past 6 pm.”

3.3.2. This shows contempt for the teachers as the a school, as, to quote several Dictionaries, Oxford Dictionary of English: “an institution for educating children.” Longman Dictionary of Contemporary: “a place where children are taught” Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “an institution for the teaching of children”

3.3.3. He has placed the fundamental reason for a school, a place for students to learn, below that of monetary assets. This clearly shows what he valuates. He puts the cost of electricity above student welfare.

3.3.4. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, after physiological needs, Safety needs need to be met, and under one of them, called the ‘Security of Employment’, is where education lies. A good education is essential to have a good, well paying job in future. Having a good job, especially one where students in future will have would mean that they would have ‘Security of Employment’. Having teachers who are unable to do their job to the best of their ability not only threatens to tarnish their ‘Security of Employment’, also threatens students’ own ‘Security of Employment’. This is of equal importance of ‘Security of revenues and resources’, however because this money comes from the government, and with coffers amounting to millions, what we see is that Mr Lee is placing an insignificant portion of money over the needs of students.

3.4. He is of unreasonable character

3.4.1. He demands a utopia of having zero latecomers. This is very, very hard to fulfill, considering this idea of Chaos Theory, where there is always an unforeseen circumstance which can disrupt daily life, thanks to a chain of events, of which a student would not be involved in, until he gets affected negatively by being late. He draws a comparison of being late for school to going to Changi Airport to take a plane to London at 5 am. He tells the students that they would not be late for the plane to London, but would be late school. This comparison is ridiculous considering the circumstance surrounding each event. To go to school is almost a daily affair, and monotonous and is further worsened by the fact that the students lack the motivation to go to school due to what they perceive as poor leadership. If any student were to London, even at any absurd time, they would be on time, there would be a sense of excitement and anxiousness. This is especially so because a plane ticket is high in cost, especially that of a ticket to Western Europe. He caused the breaking down of a teacher in public, where when he scolded the students of Class 3-9 of 2006 for being late. Mrs Alice Long, as form teacher, defended them, and Mr Lee then blamed Mrs Long for being irresponsible and letting her students to be late. The students then told Mr Lee that it was not the fault of Mrs Long, and that they were fully to blame. He then scolded both Mrs Long, who was totally innocent, and the late students. This trauma of being scolded on absolutely no basis has made her break down. Mrs Alice Long’s record as a teacher has been excellent, and has been constantly producing As in the ‘O’ Levels, and is very well respected by the students.

3.4.2. He has threatened to expel students due to a lack of punctuality. This occurred on 14th July, 2006, during morning assembly in the Plaza. Mr Lee threatened to expel students who were late for assembly. This is unprecedented, and has no historical precedence. This is also not a rule in schools all around Singapore, and in other parts of the first world. This harsh reality brought forward is unforgiving, where for a minute offence, a student may be expelled. This message is negative and is of resemblance to a totalitarian state.

3.5. Intentional demoralisation of the students.

3.5.1. As an educator, he knows that making harsh comments at students would result in a demoralization, which would lead to underperformance. During the collection of the ‘O’ Level Results of 2005, to those whom came late, he called them ‘insolent brats’. This is a direct attack on a person’s morals. As an educator, he should not have done so. During talks with the Secondary 4s of 2006, he ridiculed and insulted them for doing poorly in the ‘O’ Levels. He lashed out at many people which the Secondary 4s of 2006 respected, their direct seniors, of whom they have very good relationships with. He has called latecomers to school ‘useless’ and ‘stupid’. These words, coming from someone whom they should respect are harsh, critical, and unforgiving. It creates a negative sentiment among the students and can affect results. This is not helpful to the school environment.

3.6. Collection of monies without proper accountability

3.6.1. He gives red packets to students during Chinese New Year, demanding that students donate money to the school. If one were to not pay up, they were to face disciplinary action.

3.6.2. The money has never been accounted for by Mr Lee, and the claim of the use of this money is the building of the school and for the funds for CCAs.

3.6.3. Money has never reached the coffers of certain CCAs which have not been performing well. Money has been unfairly distributed where CCAs with better track records get more money. This creates a rich-poor divide between the good and the weak CCAs. Poorer CCAs, with less funds, are unable to purchase better resources and exploit the full potential of the students. This is very detrimental to the students, as they would be unable to: Maximise their full potential Earn CCA Points Get exposure 2 students, during the Chinese New Year of 2005, did not adhere to the school’s demands, and were brought out for disciplinary action because they did not donate to the school To donate is an act of charity, stemmed from the Latin word, charitas. Charitas essentially means ‘to give’, and when a person gives, without any connotations, it can be said that he or she would give on his or her own free will. This is an act of extortion, and is illegal under the Penal Code (Chapter 224), Chapter XVII, 383. This form of injury is in the form of disciplinary action, which can result in caning, or worse.

3.7. Lack of standardisation and discipline

3.7.1. During the course of the 4 years Mr Lee has been here, punishment for offences has been wide-ranging and varying. Penalty for the smuggling food out of canteen: There has never been a standard punishment for those caught smuggling food outside of the canteen during recess. Prefects on duty have shown lack of focus on the job. They allow people blatantly eating food out of the canteen, and only request them to go back to the canteen. When they do not do so, they do not take any action. There is no check in the Student Lounge to disallow the smuggling of food to class. This is unlike the policy of the prohibition of the removal of food from the canteen during recess. Both areas are places which students go to during recess for meals or food. It is a double-standard, where one has a check-and-balance, albeit weak, while the other does not altogether. Ankle socks are prohibited without reason in the school, yet the school is lax in the apprehension of students who do not follow this rule. Student leaders have pressed for the lifting on the prohibition of ankle-length socks, however, there is no official reason as to the ban of it. Students caught have multiple punishments, without a standard process of defining what punishment for when. The consumption of food is banned in classrooms This rule is not enforced within the school, and is, like the previous 2 rules, ( and, tokenistic in nature. The Class Chairman does not take action when this rule is broken. Student leaders are also sometimes guilty of breaking this rule. The students are not allowed to change into the School Uniform or PE Attire in the classrooms. This rule is tokenistic in nature, as there are students who change within the classroom. Even against the urges of the Student Leaders, this continues.

3.7.2. Latecomers to school have never had a proper punishment. For one, they had to sleep on the sick bay bed for a certain period of time, before they were let off to class. That was scrapped and students were forced to walk around the school with a sign, and using a loudhailer, saying, “Let me not be the one who is late”. It was then changed to have students being forced to stand in front of the school in morning assembly in the next day. This lack of proper punishment systems does not help the school.

3.7.3. The moderation of the Preliminary results of the Secondary 4 batch of 2005. Mr Lee demanded the moderation of the Prelim papers to such an extent that the Prelims were a farce. A student with 15 points in the Prelims was allowed to enter Hwa Chong Junior College. He refused to listen to the opinions of the other teachers and accused them of having ‘no team spirit’, and inducing ‘negative sentiment’.

3.7.4. The safety hazards within the school As Principal, his primary concern should be the welfare of the students, and this has not been the case. He has allowed the following: Inadequacy of fire extinguishers Available fire extinguishers are empty Usage of hose reel area for storage Lack of medical equipment in first-aid kits

Ho Wee Seng, Class 3-6, 2006.
The undersigned.

Wow its very professional if u ask me. Its almost as if its written by a lawyer. Some of the comments left by ex chs ppl are really interesting @@.

The teacher referred in the post left a comment(nt sure whether its true)
"Dear all,

This is Mrs Alice Long. I feel compelled to write after reading this blog and would like to urge all involved to put this matter to rest. This petition had earlier been removed by Wee Seng. He and his father have since apologised to the school over this incident. I can assure those who are concerned that I was never asked to leave Catholic High. Once again, I appeal to all to put this matter to rest instead let's channel our energy and effort towards building a great Catholic High.

Mrs Alice Long"

And another teacher

"Dear all

This is mr tan ping hock, a physics teacher from catholic high. I would like to urge all involved to stop exploiting the situation as wee seng has already withdrawn his petition, clarified that there is no truth and apologised to the school.
I agree with mrs long that we all should channel our energy and effort towards greater achievements for catholic high.

Mr Tan Ping Hock"

Some other comments:
"It's also true that Mrs Long was not asked to leave, but the Principal did insult her indirectly in front of her students by saying "if Mrs Long has cared about you, you won't be like this". Another well-respected senior Physics teacher was given a note and asked to leave instead."

"indeed, this petition happened some time ago alr. it did stir up quite a disturbance in the school itself. but since then, the principal had alr tried to change the situation by opening up platforms for feedbacks. and mr lee himself had repeatedly told us that many things mentioned in the petition is not true. for example the channeling of school funds for the wrong usuage. he even went to the extent of proving to us that the whole petition was made up, in this case by asking the donars themselves to come clarify the matter with us."

"We, the Anglican High students, are glad to claim that we respect our school, the teachers and even our classmates and friends, of course not forgetting the seniors and juniors. We unite together and contribute to the school, we don't speak bad about our school, instead we try our best to show to the public how civilised and polite AHS students are. "

lol what the hell does ahs has got to do with this thing?

"During my time in Xinmin, latecomers were publicly humilated by being forced to walk around the whole school building, wearing a card board sign, and repeating on a loud hailer the phrase :"Let me not be the one who is late" (apparently, Mr Lee has since re-used this technique in CHS).And what was the motive of having zero late comers? To help students become more disciplined and responsible?
NO!! in my opinion, it was done all for his Zero Late comers Day record. To quote the man himself :"When i tell other principals that Xinmin Secondary School has 50 days of no latecomers, they all go: WOW!!! how did you do it?""

Its this punishment that'll bring out the bad side of them instead of removing it.

"To (ALL)

as a current secondary three student in catholic high- i can safely assure that much of the things written in the pertition are untruths or exaggerations and that too much has been taken into account over this matter. "

"My batch had seriously underperformed in the O Levels, resulting in CHS dropping to Band 3 from the previous years Band 1. Mr Lee, our beloved principal, thus lost "face". ONe of my fellow schoolmates, who had done very well in the prelims but somehow screwed up his English for O Levels went to Mr Lee to ask for a letter of reccomndation so that he could reenter the JC of his choice. He was also outstanding in his CCA, in addition to being the President of the Students Council. Mr Lee rejected him straight in the face, with a scathing remark "I don't give recommendation letters to Band 3 students." This hurtful comment could have severely dented the pride and self confidence of a student which CHS "groomed" in character building. Says something doesn't it?"


I admire that guy who submitted this petition using his REAL NAME, he must have some gigantic balls. Then again , according to them , most of the thing propose is inaccurate. Just food for thoughts ^^. Swimming pool, locked up tennis court, sucky canteen food. *wink* do i smell any brave marist?:P
Lets talk bio.

ziE: why must our vaginas spew blood every month
Shadow: lmfao.
Shadow: Midol ftw or?
ziE: i just don’t understand why god/allah or whoever
ziE: needed to create the reproductive system with a monthly loss of platelets
ziE: they could have just ended at the sex
ziE: imagine boys having periods
ziE: you’d have to plug penises with a mini tampon
Shadow: Yeah, I’m kind of not going to do that.

Shadow: They make birth control pills and patches now that you use every day and it stops periods indefinitely until you stop using the pills/patches.
Shadow: Not just the 21 day cycle ones.
ziE: i dont have sex
ziE: i dont know birth control pills
Shadow: uh, that isn’t the point.
Shadow: You don’t have to use them for that. You use them to prevent periods.
ziE: i dont wanna take unless
ziE: they make me lose weight and get bigger boobs
ziE: and clearer skin
Shadow: Well, not even joking, they do 2 out 3.
ziE: i like the fact that im getting birth control lessons from a boy.

TechnoBoy: you’re so dumb
TechnoBoy: plug the penis
ziE: if you involuntarily had blood out of your penis
ziE: what are you gonna do to stop the flow?
TechnoBoy: brb foudn game


Rofl funny w3 commentator :D. I want to watch the devil wears prada --' Hopefully it'll still be on after prelim

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I was toying around with the technorati search engine when i came across this.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Bloody f*ck. How did my blog link appear there?!?!? Dont tell me this guy go spend one whole day finding blog related to maris stella. Hmm this guy name sounds familiar, oh wait hes my cca junior ROFLMAO!. I think that their form teacher reads their blog or smht. omg omg teachers gossiping around about their students blogs in the staff room is no joke pLS!!. All way leads to rome. shit!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I think that the Singapore sports school is over rated and has no hope. I doubt that it would succeed in singapore. In singapore , education > everything. Judging from the article conducted by the newspaper, its like 3/4 of your day is used to train and like 1/5 is used to study?lol. How many sports talent has singapore produced in the international scene? Ronaldo?Jiawei?Fandi ahmad? Oh wait, 2 of them are imports foreign talent. Its really funny to see so many ppl wanting to be fandi ahmad etc. Oh wait just ask the locals to name 3 player from the S league team, i doubt 80% can answer :X. I want to be slayer`boxer too but i know its impossible here in singapore :D. Having big dreams are good but there is a difference between a dream and reality.

These are just my thoughts. I might be wrong, who knows singapore sports sch would produce many international players in the future. Though i doubt that the future would be near, they cant even dominate most of the local school sports game compy :X. Its not that im against sg sports or something. I feel that going "pro" at a young age is dumb. The cca sports system works fine now. Look at the normal school producing atheletes who can win those athlethes in the Go pro and ur studies will suck school Singapore sports school. Its always better to go pro after u got ur paper work well unless youre the talent in 1 in a million.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ok i've updated the link. So andrew stop ur bitching pls!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

T.T i feel kind of bad now that i didnt bought any teacher day present due to insufficient funds. Yea that sounds like the stupidest excuse but its true. 18 bucks for a calculator, 4 bucks for 2 pens, 3 bucks for some math thing = no joke kk?Hmm if i bought present, i guess i would buy for these teachers.

1) Mr teo
Hes my favourite teacher in sec 4. Hes a damn comical, funny and good teacher. He decided to take all of the sec 4 bio class cause no other bio teacher wanted or shld i say dare to take because we only cover like 1/5 of the syallabus last year. He came to our class at the first lesson and said "call me the condemned, cause my i sure get scolding when result come out " or smth like that. He even shows us his salary and house hold expenditure to tell us the meaning of father love LOL. T.T

2) Ms chua
Patient teacher i guess. Never seen her angry and scold us before -_-. She always seem to be in control and she doesnt scold for talking in class

3) Ms tan
Another good and caring teacher i guess tho she can be very bitchy about the noise in class. Little noise = scold scold scold! She gave us each a special pen with the quote "even eagles need a push" for prelim and she even wrote and paste our name on the pen personally. That really mean alot i guess(not tat im a materialistc ass)

I dont know why im writing all this crap too LOL Its not like they know my blog or wadever. Its better not for teachers to know this blog :D
Oh my, the 6 hours download of the old WWI VODS was worth it. I used to have those vods and i forgot to save them when i erformated my com #@!%!@!. T-T im still missing duckie vs grubby vod where duckie won 3-2 and only have madfrog vods. Damn he won the competition without dropping any matches and thrashed duckie 3-0 in the finals -_-.Now thats my wc3 idol at his peak :D. Well at least singapore got 2nd!Singapore has some shit luck imo, getting 2nd in tournament that we reached top 3. First was wc3 and now its doa at wcg lolol.

Heres some screen shot!As usual ,click on it to enlarge it

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Rofl that looks like some astronaut suit.

Heres the link to dl if u want to see or have nth to do. Rofl the commentator are so drama and hilarious.GEEEEGEEEEE JOHNATHAN TAN WEI JONGGGGGGG!

Friday, September 01, 2006

My mind is a hypocrite.

Mind: Ok im going to take a break and start studying only on monday.

*looks at the thick file of bio notes*

Mind: Bloody f*ck! Better start studying now!
Fredrik 说:
i dont play anymore
Fredrik 说:
so its not really much to tell
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
oh, have u played on BN recently?
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
i noticed that u last played in april..
Fredrik 说:
no, when?
Fredrik 说:
i dont think so
Fredrik 说:
im not playing anymore
Fredrik 说:
at all
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
oh, i see. what are u doing now, then?
Fredrik 说:
nothing at all
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
just doing nothing about games?
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
about warcraft 3
Fredrik 说:
nothing about wc3
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
and not watch any of wc3 matches neither?
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
wc3l, ngl, and so on..
Fredrik 说:
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
ok. only one more question, what are u going to do? about ur future,
what do u think about it?
Fredrik 说:
i have no plans about it, we will see
Boday[Replays.Net] 说:
:)good luck~

:( Damn looks like my favourite wc3 idol will never come back T.T