Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This proves singaporeans have racial harmony

Funny chat log from msn today rofl :P Singapore is really success in creating racial harmony!

Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
then the guy
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
ask him
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
hows ur holidays
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
guy ask teacher?
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
then the teacher relax abit
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
and say oh i went to turkey
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
then the guy add on
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
say did u see any nice things
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
are the girls there pretty
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
ur teacher so open?
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
then the teacher say
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
yes abit
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
then he ask
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
the guy ask
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
are they smelly
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
do they have the indian smell
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
then the teacher
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
got pissed
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
and yell
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Date With a Vamp: i skipped tuition today but i dont feel guilty at all X_X [] visit ! says:
ur teacher indian?
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:
Fatal Addiction - Targus™ says:

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First day of school -_-"

It just haunt MEEEEE . The first day of school is back again.. I simply hate school cause there's retarded people in school. AND OBVIOUSLY I GOT PISSEDED BY THEM TODAY. Ka ni na sia, second period already tio pissed by them.

Since i'm a class IT rep, i forgot to bring the mouse for the com so there's only the gay sucky mouse left there. Geography lesson came.. Ms FOOO came in. She's the teacher i hate most in mshs man. Fucking no respect for students at all. Here's what happen. She went in the class and used the mouse to operate the computer. Obviously she had troubles mooving the mouse and i went forward to help her(KIND ME). Here's the fucking part which piss me off. I help her move the mouse and try to click on the icon she ask me to. Know how she ask me? " CLICK HERE CLICK HERE LA." There i was struggling to help her click the icon, there she is keep saying:' WHERE U CLICKING, CLICK HERE LA KNOW OR NOT" CHEE BYE U THINK I UR WAD? UR FUCKING SLAVE IS IT? I wanted to fucking shout that to her man. i was already bad mood since i had a BAD sleep today. But u know whats gonig to happen?

KY : (shout all the hate sentence)
KY gets punished

That's whats going to happen typically. So basically its Teachers > students. Of course with parents its different case. Parents > teachers. So parents are ur key to success.

Ok anyway , here's wad follow next. After i clicked all, opened all. she said : " OK u shall be my clicker since u forget bring lblab bla" I dont mind that part. AND SHE DOESNT EVEN LIKE SAY THANK YOU FOR HELPING? Even all the teachers i helped all say thank you and never blame me lor . ONLY U ONLY U. *spit on floor* SO while she's saying " CLICK HERE CLICK HERE LA BLA BLA" This retard called Weeliang added to my pissing level. Srry wee liang, u just piss me off so much i decided to call u retarded for today ;(. Somehow he asked a retarded question/joke that piss me off and i hate hearing retarded question/joke when i'm piss.

WL : Ker yu~~~, cheat our money is it? Hw come dont have the new mouse? Wah lao u cheat our money sia.

He keep repeating that 2 TIMES?2 FUCKING TIMES? AND I'M ALREADY SO FUCKING PISSED WITH MS FOO AND HE STILL FUCKING JOKE WITH ME? I WANTED TO TELL HIM : "ARE U RETARDED OR NOT? HAVENT U SEE THE MOUSE? U STILL WAN KP WITH ME IS IT" Lucky u wee liang, i'm in sleepy mode today or i'll fucking roar at u. Phewww blogging at those irriating and ill manered people really calms me.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Initial D ending just remind me of my past..

Went to watch initial D with lk and melvin today. Wanted to get more people but i doubt anyone want to watch without any girls. Guys company = thanks. Didnt wanted to invite some jack ass like jason that will eventually spoil my movie appetite having to deal with a irriating person beside u. Lian kai of course decided not to invite girls for some fucking reason, i dunno why? So maybe here's the possible reason



Die to pop music pls.

Lk had a dental apppointment so he came late. AND he actually told me that it will finish within 30 mins but in the end it finished like 2 hrs?lol Nice time lk. ur time is always x 4 plz. So the rich ass he took a taxi down and went to meet us. So heres the funny and irony part:

Lian kai reached tampines area and didnt know where is tampine mall. He called melvin and melvin told him : "YELLOW BUILDING YELLOW BUILDING". So later he called again and say : "hw come yellow building 4th floor no cinema one? i only see shaw cinema etc." Then we ask lian kai to meet us at the mrt so that we can guide him. When we went out, i saw around and saw a YELLOW BUILDING WITH A BIG LABEL : CENTURY SQUARE. Nice one melvin u're king at leading directions. Did lian kai teach u all that?:P So we just hurried to cinema and watch. Heng the show havent start . Thanks advertisement!

Initial D is hell out of funny instead of the cool anime it is. Guess the director injected too much humour. Jay chou doesnt fit in acting like takumi man. Seriously, they look so freaking different and he just doesnt have takumi personality. (Srry girls plz dont aim me =( )

There's just one part in the show which nearly made me break down since it's almost the same as my past.. I guess it can be considered as a spoiler.. so if u dont want to be spoiled then just dont view it =Pp.

The ending was when takumi girlfriend, ( i forget wad the name lets call her xiashu) XiaShu was actually whoring herself with her uncle for $$$ even when she's wif takumi and lying to him that she went to a 2 week holiday but went to accompany her uncle instead. Takumi knew abt it from his best fren ,(cant remember his name too). Xiashu told her uncle that she will stop whoring herself after she receive a call from takumi saying hw much he miss her. She really loved him. So during the ending, takumi saw the uncle dropping her down and trrying to kiss her( which she reject). When xiashu notice tat takumi was there, she didnt dare to look at him. Takumi cried and ran and ran away. Xiashu tried to run after him but failed(duh) and she cried and cried , regretting wad she did

I'M NT SAYING THAT SHE'S CHEAP OR WADEVER. it just fucking relates to my past somehow. No matter how i try to forget the past, it will still remain. This movie just tore up the wound i have been healing this past few months. But nvm , its all over now. I'm talking to her like normally. The feeling is slowly going.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Been reading the news abt SPG the blooger who post nude picture of herself on her blog. Seriously i hate singapore newsmedia and daily newspaper thats y i never buy it. The good thing abt the newpaper is only for the detailed soccer coverage which ATTRACTS sales. Other than that, the newpaper is just rubbish articles all either abt murder,sex or some interesting thing to attract people to buy their newspaper. I mean WHAT IS THE FUCKING BIG DEAL ABT POSTING NUDE PICTURES? THere's 234234234234 porn site in the internet with nude picture and WHY just aim one girl in singapore who do that? Whats the difference man? I dont know why media like to poke into other people life just to attract people to earn money . WTF!.

The most irony part is that the chinese papers actually put xiaxue picture instead of the SPG PIcture ROFL. Now xiaxue(sg no1 blogger) is kena defamed. u can read her comments at her bloG( Maybe singapore is just too conversative , every small little news ROARRRRR the media go WHY U DO THIS ? BLA BLA BLA. Singapore media is already considered nt bad compared to some other media like taiwan or hongkong. All the stars inside though singapore media is working its way to be like them i thinK!.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Went to some event at sat but i dont want to talk abt it since i left for the event in a very pissed off mood --' Thanks to? Went off the event half way to meet lian kai to watch some concert in simei ITE.

The concert was quite rubbish imo. Just drums and drums and drums.So we were just talking abt the girls in the performance rofl. THere's this 1 girl damn funny. Got like 6-7 pony tails?WTF LOL i didnt know until lian kai told me. Then i said: "damn spider" So we just talked from 'chubby' ppl to earthquakes lol. Srry the world is a cruel one! Maybe i dont apperciate those music although some audience left quickly in the end when they told them to walk with them around the track(they were performing in the middle of the track). So we quickly zao after the show ended. ENDING JOURNEY WAS THE MOST FUNNY. we walked out of ite and we're trying to walk to the nearest mrt. SO Lian kai THE PRO GEOGRAPHYIER said we must walk 1 big round before we can reach the mrt. so i followed. DINGG we saw the mrt station. i was like WOW LIAN KAI SO PRO. So i walk and walk and saw. EXPO station i was like -_-".. so we took it anyway. REached tannah merah and we saw the train opposite us was avaiable. AND OH SO SMART ME SAY : EH OUR TRAIN IS LEAVING LIAO GOGO" so we rushed in and the sound : SIMEI STATION" WE WERE LIKE WTF?LOL wrong train So we just sit sit and sit. We looked around to see where is simei station( THE MRT STATION WE WERE FINDING AT THE FIRST PLACE) at . It was like SO FUCKING NEAR?AND WE WALK SO FUCKING LONG?ROFL. So we reach the station and we just retake train home.

My leg had a blister thanks to my shoes --"

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Hw stingy can you be?

Walked to the mrt yesterday and saw something i never saw before. Some teenage couple or frens actually went into the mrt just paying 1 person fee. They stick near each other when they're reaching the sensor thing and they just cut through when the girl tap. OMFG u are such a disgrace to singapore. Its not like u're SO FUCKING POOR until u're wearing some clothe and some ancient slipper. Wear some fashion clothes and with dye hair somemore. Ur dyed hair can take the mrt trip for at least hm... 30 times+? Teenagers nowadays are so retarded man.

i think those people at heartland advertising or asking for survey outside the mmrt NEED TO LEARN SOME FUCKING MANNERS. When i was walking out, one teenage girl ard my age(i thinK!) approach me and asked me to do some survey. So here's how she said it.

BMG(Badmannered girl): xiao di di, can u help me do a survey

- 1 sec of silence-
ROARRRRR! I HATE PEOPLE CALLING ME XIAO DIDI. So obviously i was pissed off. I signalled to her using my hand which means no and i said something.


So mian is some dialet i think which means no ROFL. so i think i was very rude there X_X. Her frens laugh at her after i walk away . But that's for calling me a xiaodidi! So please learn some manners k? ;(

Friday, June 17, 2005

New hit counter

Installed 1 new hit counter yesterday?. 15 post already =) please keep visiting ya! spread to all ur frens =).

School holiday is ending already.. that is so fast . All thanks to the china trip which took like 1/3 of my holiday . Thanks ! Feel like uploading a new song.. Heard quite a few nice chi song. Suddenly realise that chinese song lyrics are actually meaningful. Wang li hong - ai cuo is nice!. Edenii event on sat.. not sure whether i wan go. nt really close to the HR people.. But psp is up for the prizee.. tempting man~ Its time to do my homework , have been procrasinating for like few days already. "There's 1 week more to finish one month of worksheets."


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Think before u do anything

Was on my way to the mrt going back home while crapping wif ming xian(nt sure hw spell!) When i reach the mrt, i saw the sign board Harborfront blank mins . So i thought since people are coming out already it means that the train have already left and no point running. So when i walk abit further I SAW THE RED ARROW on the entrance which means the door is open. So MX and i ran all the way down. i was leading since i always was pro at jumping staiRS! BUT he went in and i didnt?WTF! Apparently wrong entrance + no friction slippers = thx. I could actually manage to go in but i stopped and the door closed. Apparently, being the skinny guy i am, i would have like a 50% chance of getting my balls crushed if i charge inside while he has like 0%?lol. I decided nt to risk it as i did nt want a mrt train ride to ride my FATHERHOOD. And waiting 5 mins more was more worth than 70 years of impotence thx.

Talked to my mei from my primary sch last night.. sheesh its so surprising that her school so many of her frens(girl/boy) arent virgin?WTF!. i mean 15 years old and tey lost it? Seriously this people need to get educated. AND wads worse is that some people from my primary sch lost their V too. Shocking maN!. I mean is it worth to just give up ur V for tat moment of excitement? 15 years old and u lost. Hi sluT! Guess very little ppl now apperciate saving their V for future. Who cares right? Many ppl care btw. No wonder aids is rising high. People are just having sex wif almost every bf at such young age. Hi aids bye Virgins. Girls who just give easily to the guy , those girls i'll nv like ^^. Although sometimes its the guys fault, but if the girl insist , there wont be right? If theres a trap wif cheese, the rat can choose to resist temptation?.

So think before u do anything in ur life. It'll affect how other think of u. Sex in young age = slut to me thx! unless they change for the better =). thats diff case then.

Monday, June 13, 2005

so i guess in the end i just broke her heart again, seeing from her blog. I have no power to stop u from loving, tats wad i said. Ai hui bu lai. i already know that u will nv like me again any any anymore since i have broken u so many times. i didnt say we went seperate ways , it was u who blocked me. i'm nt shifting the BLAME to u. I know u blocked because i just made u too sad. It feels sad to nt have u back in list, u think i wan u to be offline foreve?R. Nvm.. i'll just get used to it maybe someday u'll unblock me. SO much for the fucking saying that horse have the best luck this year. SCrew this shit .|.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I dont have the mood to post. In the end i'm just like anakin. Love -> Sad -> Jealousy -> Hatred -> Regret. And now i'm deleted off list. Look like my anger is something i cannot control. But out of all people, why must it be him? Cousin love cousin? isnt tat some impossible thing? Can u get serious with him in the future ? Can u ensure he doesnt flirt long dis? Hw do u even know he rejected 10+ girls for u and doesnt stead ? Yes i hate him alot. Because he ruined my relationship. Both side have fault though. If she hadnt been with him together in the night, but nvm its all the past. Why must it be him among all ppl? i dont mind other people but why must it be him? If u ask me y i talk so much cock, its because i still care for her although now i dunno whether she still wants it. COusin and cousin, any future? That's the love of power. I shal see hw loyal he is then

Saturday, June 11, 2005



All this things.........

The feeling now is just bringing me to the dark side again.. Is it him again or is it me or is it someone else.. Maybe its him since the first person i thought of is him. For some reasons, i depise myself maybe cause i'm ugly fat blab la. give me a face and body like some super star and i'll be glad.. Temptation to let it all out is strong..Guess u have to think of her feelings too. Sucked to be her in this situtation when there's so many ppl wooing her. Now all i have to do is to just see the outcome, sooner the better. Be it me or not. but i'll never never let it all out to break her heart again. If this road is down, theree's 2 more. 1 is to singledom another is~ scrt. Most likely its singledom tho. dont liked to be forced in the other choice(which i have avoid it many times) -_-.
so who is the one?..

Hmm this quote is nt bad fom df website (srry kopED!):P

"What would you do if everytime you fell in love with someone, you had to say goodbye?"

"What would you do if everytime you wanted someone, they would never be there?"

"What would you do if for every moment you were truly happy, there would be 10 moments of sadness?"

"What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to tell them how you felt?"

"What would you do if you loved someone more than anything else but could never have them?"

Some people live and some people die.

I still want to tell you this.
That I love you and you are a true friend, now and forever.
That I will forever be there for you, when and if you need me.

If I were to die tomorrow, you would be in my heart forever.
But, would I be in yours?

Friday, June 10, 2005


Phew.. at least she's back safely. My whole day of waiting is worth it ^^

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Back from china

Finally manage to motivate myself to write a entry -_-" Been very lazy after coming back from china maybe its cause of the torture therE!

firstly , THE TRIP IS ALL OLD PEOPLE WTF! Me and my bro are like the only young one there =(.. Damn dman damN! so boring man. 9 days facing them is like -_-. Anyway if there's young one, dun think can talk to thO! my bro is with me argh unlike the last time hainan trip! only me and parents. That's some good~ Went to nanjing,suzhou,hangzhou,wuxi, shanghAI!. i shall just highlight the main points that i can remember since i forget most of the things i seen. Might post some picture when i get theM!

LOL i think jack(charlton fren) is from suzhou man! The local guide sounds and look like him lol. The voice soft soft and white skin. No offence to u

I LOVE THIS PLACE MANNN . It just look like singapore so mayn high rise buildings T_T. Night shanghai is so romanticcccc. u sit the boat in the nite around the river T_T. Dark and nice. Damn romanTiC!.Close ur eyes, feel the breeze. Feel that time doesnt exist. Hug ur love one~ Oh i;m thinking too much T_T I think i'm holding my honeymoon theRe! but of course i have to find my wife first -_-. all talk no action = -_-

So the gay thing abt china:
OMG TOILETS WITHOUT DOORS. HTF WE SHIT? The toilet that is used for shitting are all squating T_T. i dun mind that. but we need to squat along a metal drainage -_-. and all our shit is stuck there(since the water flowing cant sweep the heavy shit)
2)The food
OMG SO OILLYYY. I gain 3-4kg in china?Wtf lol Its oily + salty. But it taste quite gooD! But neverthless oil+ salt > u = death.
3) DAMN CHINA SMOKERS .EVERYWHERE I GO ITS LIKE 34636346 PEOPLE SMOKING. Toilet are full of cigarette butts. the air is so polluted everywherE! i think i need to get my lungs checked T_T. Of course its the population matters. Maybe only like 50% smoke or smth. I heard china have high smoke raTES!

Overall china is nt a bad place la. its fast developing country especially shanghai. Its a modern city . u shld see the night shanghai if u're in a honey moon =).

Everytime i close my eyes, images of u just appear in my thoughts... i miss u