Friday, June 29, 2007

Wow. Looks like jason theory actually works.

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"Zeus damn power, you know right, when 3 enemy low life, then u press ur ultimate THEN TRIPPLE KILLLLL *spasm*"

Yours Truly,
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and no i didnt draw that. lol
Damn it feels good after sleeping the entire afternoon today. I have been feeling cranky and blur the last few days due to late nights of last minute studying, was literally walking around like a zombie.

I didnt see ziyi on the bus stop today when he was with nick. Somehow i only managed to see nick and said hi to him only until he said "eh why u so dao to him" Opened my eyes bigger and i saw ziyi beside him, i went "ohh shitt!" and frantically apologise and say hi to him lol.

Borrowing friends from aaron tmr, Jennifer Anniston <333

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Math was a goner too. I think there's some exam curse this mid year. EVERY DAMN TOPIC I DIDNT STUDY WEIGHED SO MUCH MARKS. I almost fainted when i saw the first question.

Partial fraction - 14 marks

And when i flipped to the next page..

MI - 12 marks

Flipped behind..

Parametric - 10 marks.

I totally give up even befor starting the paper. Whats worst is that the paper last for 3 HOURS. Geez.

I saw nicholas on my way out of school and asked him about the dsa shooting yesterday. The thing i asked him was SUPPOSED to brighten me a little but it ended

Ky: Eh yesterday the DSA shooting how ar?

Nick: blablalbla Got 1 girl pistol damn zai, shoot 360+

Ky: Wtff that's like 90 for every card. Ehhh is she called XXXXXX?

Nick: Ya from XXXX school

Ky: omggg she's chio right!

Nick: NOOOOO?!! So kns. yesterday all kns one

Ky: are you sure or not?Long hair one

Nick: Ya sure la. where got long hair

I was talking to Andrew yesterday about the monthly shooting and about how one name on the list was the name of a girl i was in charge(well technically i'm in charge of 4 lanes but its always better to focus on one individual right? LOL) during CJC Invitational shoot. So i was shocked that she actually dsa to CJC.

Later on, on my way home, andrew smsed me.

Andrew: HAHAHA that XXXXXX fat fat one LOLL

Shit. Must be wrong school. So nicholas taste can be trusted HAHAHA

And no, im not desperate nor interested in that girl. Just looking for cheap thrills to brighten up my day.

Oh and 1 question in National education exam today:

Who is the miss universe of 2007?

All the guys who got it wrong can kill themselves

All this last minute studying is taking a toll on my mental and physical state. There seems to be a never ending mountain pile of work to cover for the exams. Math is tomorrow and i have not gone through summation, MI and parametric yet. Great, its 1am now.

And i dread for chemistry tomorrow with a few chapters untouched.

Bio today was ...bad. Lets just say the heavy weightage questions that came out were those topics i didnt study.

Argh. Just have a little faith





Monday, June 25, 2007

I swear that youtube is the greatest invention ever. I tried youtubing the friends episode(its the one with brad pitt) i watched on the plane to HK and managed to found it HAHA. Omg it's so funny.

Part 1

Part 2

I manage to hop a few links and found more funny episode.

I laughed so hard that my tears came out.

Ross : I went to the tanning place your WIFE! suggested...
Chandler : Was that place.... the SUN!?


Jennifer aniston is hot

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Noooo connie didnt win the competition! The opera guy won. He's damn good too though!

I find her first performance better though!

There's many other nice performances at the competition(Britain's got talent where the winner performs for the queen). I bet if there's a singapore version, all we will see are those stupid mats performing those break dance and those campus super star or whatever rubbish chinese competition winners singing.
Die Die Die.

I only completed ONE chapter of biology: Cell structure after 2 days

I need to complete the WHOLEEE syllabus of math by 2 days

I need to complete the rest of the bio chapters on the day before the exam.

I love you chem <33

Dont be discouraged and take comfort of what you have completed!




Friday, June 22, 2007

2 plate of sting ray(shared)
1 plate of kway tiao
1 plate of oyster omelette(shared)
1 giant jug of sugar cane

Chomp Chomp was,is,will be the sex forever man. The price of good food isnt cheap though. 18 bucks for all that food.

And there was desert at ice cube cafe opposite the road. Ordered waffle with a single scoop of ice cream and it taste gooood. It was pricey though, 8 bucks ouch.

26 bucks gone just like that,all in the name of food. I dont think i have enough money for the fantastic 4 outing tomorrow LOL and i wonder why am i even going in the first place, 3/4 of bio left and 100% of math left.

Maybe its because i have given up on my MYEs. Tsk

This is what happen while studying in Andrew house today:

Bastard took a picture of me while sleeping

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Self jacked myself MANY TIME AND BIG TIME today.

What the hell!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Hi everyone, and welcome to the newly revamped site of the World Cyber Games Singapore Championship.

The confirmed dates and venue of this year?s most exciting event are below;

Singapore Championship : 2nd - 3rd of August 2007
Asian Championship : 4th - 5th August, 2007
Main Venue : Suntec City, Hall 602"

Mmmm i'm so tempted to take part in WCG again. I didnt took part in the last one cause i had the big O's. The 2 WCG i took part in 2005 and 2004 were great thoughhh! Top 32 in 2004 and ALMOST GOT TO TOP 16 IN 2005 IF NOT FOR SOME STUPID MISTAKE #%@#!@. I could have won but nooo i decided to try a new strat, i felt VERY shitty after that game and teared a little on my way home. Still, it was fun though, playing with the strong players ^^.

Problem is that i havent been following the scene nor play actively for almost a year which means that my skill level has decay so much. that i even lose to adrian now(just joking :D)

There's also DOTA HAHA. Omg lk,aaron,aballs,hy! lets join and get raped and do some owning =D

Monday, June 18, 2007

Shooting training was good today. I was happy with the score card today compared to last week shitty score. The score still suck badly in the competitive level though. Nevertheless today training was still good! Must be because of the good mood yesterday night being carried on today hah.

Slowly reaching my goals.
1) Hit some bullets into the black area
2) Hit majority of the bullets into the black area
3) Hit all of the bullets into the black area
4) Hit all of the bullets in 8-9 area
5) Hit all of the bullets in 10 :D

I will, I can and I must!

Went to do PW with the group after shooting. Hah PW session is damn fun man, all of us kajiaoing Jia Fu(poor guy!) over msn and doing some other random funny things.

Met with Aaron, Andrew at borders to shop for their cd before andrew friend came to join us for dinner. The food at Fish N co taste reall good :D I havent ate there for quite a long time tsk. We went to pool at cineleisure and the games were ....horrible.

Reached home at around 10.30pm. DIE LA NEVER EVEN STUDY FOR TODAY. IM STILL LEFT WITH BIO AND MATH TOTALLY UNCOVERED! #%!@! Shooting tomorrow and shooting on wednesday too. Arghh. I think im going to stay at home until friday(FANTASTIC FOUR!).

I must shoot better tomorrow! =S I'm starting to feel cranky due to lack of sleep, lets hope the good mood will still be carried forward to tomorrow.

i was tempted to tell the truth

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me

Kiss me out of the bearded barley
Nightly, beside the green, green grass
Swing, swing, swing the spinning step
You wear those shoes and I will wear that dress.

Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight
Lead me out on the moonlit floor
Lift your open hand
Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
Silver moon's sparkling
So kiss me

Kiss me down by the broken tree house
Swing me upon its hanging tire
Bring, bring, bring your flowered hat
We'll take the trail marked on your father's map

Friday, June 15, 2007

The 4c class gathering was decent(with 11 people turning uP!), catching up with your ex classmates whom you havent seen for a long time. There were still talks about sodium bomb, "huh you really think its xxxxx ar?ITS RUBBER LAAA" and the K thief, somehow the jokes are still funny after like 6 months maybe because idiots are meant to be make fun of forever HAHA. It was quite boring though which cant be blamed since the class is separated into 2 cliques(3 if you want to be mean LOL which starts with O and ends with t, but im a nice guy now so shhh!)and only aaron and lk came. We zao away the earliest though HAHA.

Wow today's the first study session that actually worked. The study session the day before was a total failure, only studying 10 mins out of 1.5 hours. must be because of yihe AND MY PRISON BREAK TAT DOESNT WORKS Managed to study for 2 hours and covered ONLY half of chemical bondings. I'm so dead.

To keep yourself as high morale as me, just do this.

Dont worry! There's still 11 more days to exam.
Dont worry! MYE are only 20% of promos
Dont worry! Everyone will screw up like you and there will be moderation!
Dont worry! You just need a pass in your h1 and sub pass in your h2s to get promoted.(i think)

Deep inside though, you know you're screwed. Shit! i just remembered there's sentosa tomorrow. There goes 1 of my precious days :(

Hmm i wonder hows everyone revision going? :D

Monday, June 11, 2007

I went to the class CIP today half heartedly in the morning because i only slept for like 3 hours and SOMEONE accidentally poke her satay stick into my thumb nail(#%@#!) while competing for the BBQ stingray during midnight supper in Chomp Chomp yesterday night. It hurts quite badly when anything comes in contact with it that i haave to place some fugly plaster on my thumb.

The CIP turned out to be interesting and meaningful though. We went to the Red Cross home for the disabled, turns out its a home for mostly people who are mentally disabled. The guys went to do some sai kang like cleaning the leaves while the girls went to help bring the disabled people down to the open for some fresh air. My heart sank when i walked past the rooms, there's actually children inside that have the severe illness. I avoided looking at most of them cause i didnt want to be emotionally fucked and didnt want to look as though they're exhibits.

Dominic,liyi,huiyi and me interacted with this guy called christopher, apparently i thinnk he's the onnly guy who is more "normal". He has this super memory in which u can just tell him any date on the calendar and he will tell u the day of it correctly.. well at least most of the time. At the end, he wanted us to get him Sesame street Number with words DVD, 3 hours one somemore lol. We told him we would try to find and buy it for him.

It makes me wonder what gives this people the will to survive or are they just simply living it without their own knowledge. One thing i know for sure, the thing that Christopher looks foward to everyday is us giving him the sesame street DVD. And i wonder what would happen if we go there again empty handed.

Too much thoughts

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ocean 13 is one of the better movie i seen in quite a long time. Nice action, witty conversation, good humour and of course a nice plot. Gogo catch it! 4/5! Sadly, there's no more nice movie around after shrek 3,pirates 3 and ocean 13.BUT! There's transformers and silver surfer coming up =DD

Shit i need to start studying. And what the heck, class CIP is 7.30AM at bukit batok. #%!@! First is the stupid HTNS now its this. Why do all the place so damn far from my house start so early!
yyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :((((((

Okay, im getting a little crazy.

ANYWAY! Today was the shit man! We originally wanted to watch ocean 13 but due to SOMEONE'S toe infection, we went to lan instead(which we havent went for like ages). Of course i didnt really favour the idea of going all the way out just to sit infront of a computer again, but doing anything with the gang is fun :D. Some random guy approached us for a 5 v 5 dota match which we agreed.

The match was EPICCCCCC! It's been a long time since we touch this stupid imbalance game and even a longer time since we played together(like end of sec 3). The kills and death of both team were pretty even and we eventually won by deraxing all their 3 rax. All of us were pretty excited and were shouting throughout the match, but after 15 mins or so, you can hear a voice shouting after every battle. Yea that voice is mine. Those idiots KEEP aiming me(i was using lich) AT THE START OF EVERY BATTLE, i'm like always dead after like 10 sec into the battle. That's when all the hokkien words all come out from my mouth. It got so bad that my score was 1-8 LOL. Hy,lk,aballs and aaron were laughing at me like im a idiot. It didnt get so bad later so i ended up with 7-11 or smth.

I could feel the adrenaline rush after the victory, shiok man. It's been a long time since i had such a heavy rush. Their denying/last hit was way much better than ours though,probably because we were too lazy to concentrate on doing the same boring action for 10 mins :P. Their knowledge of the game suck though, lk could still run away after being hex,stun,swap HAHA. I guess its fun to play this imbalance game together once in a while :D.

I rushed home after the game to go to my cousin wedding dinner. And omg! They actually serve foie gras for refreshments WTF? It's been a long time since i last eaten it. Yumm! The food was nice and my cousin look gorgeous, as quoted by the groom "she look damn good looking" hah. Wish them a happy marriage~

Friday, June 08, 2007

Shit! The letter for National slavery National Service has arrived!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm backkkkkkkk! The tour was quite shitty and boring BUT DISNEYLAND IS THE SEEEEEEEX! I'll blog about it next time. Here's a funny video. Thais has a damn good sense of humourrr