Sunday, January 29, 2006

Eating sakae sushi buffet when u're hungry is really worth iT!. A record of 80 plates for 5 people. Even the waiter is really scared of us rofl. Songyuan is the king of ordering! Typical ordering scene

SY: Err i wan 8 of this soft shell crab roll, 4 of bla bla , 3 of this,(waiter walks away) OH AND 2 MORE OF THIS.
Waiter : (copy copy copy) wait. . did u say 8 soft shell crab?!?!
Sy: yes.
Waiter : ok...

ROFL! The scene is just so funny! The waiter started avoiding our table later wtf! we even have to raise our hands for quite a while to call them T_T. Theres one part when the same waiter was taking our order and aaron go say : " U must feel really piss at us for ordering so many" ROFL. That sentence is just classic!. The waiter just shrug off and laugh without saying anything. Ate for 1.5 hours before leaving to watch the movie with our mission : To irriate the waiters Completed!.

I was glad we actually watched Memoir of a geisha instead of some triple by the dozen wadever rubbish show. I rather pick a meaningful show than a comedy show.
Rating for the show : 4/5. It had lots of meaningful quotes and alot of twists to the show. Go watch the show if u have the time!.

Heres some quote from the show i got from PpD blog since i have stm T_T.

It is not the kindness that I seek.

It's the things that I want.

Puppets of our past.

I am living out a resultant shadow of a puppet which had once made its presence in my life.

Nice quotes isnt it?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

To give up or to continue? Both are painful processes. Man fuck this flu i have

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Added a new song just for the fun of it. Will post soon. fucking teachers with pms zzz

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Wo fang qi le

Monday, January 23, 2006

About the compy last sat, Sigh.... i . .. . .
OBVIOUSLY WON. roFL! kill me pls.
Man i was so damn freaking scared when they announced it was 2 v 2 and the participant face all look so fucking prO!. When the game started, it was some different story lmao. I almost couldnt controled laughing. Sheehs that was very bad manners of me T_T.It was bo3 and Ko system. 8 teams and only 1st,2nd prize. First team koed them two games in 10 min+ , 10 min + . The game marshall was like so fast?! We advanced and fight some oter noob team. Koed both game in 10 min+, 10min+. The marshall damn funny man, before we ended game he just come to our side LOL. Of course they have common sense to know which team would win :P. When we finish off the 2 teams, the other team we're suppose to play from the other bracket has only compelted their first team -_-?. we have to wait for so bloody long. Newbies vs newbies takes like 30-40 mins per game? The team who i knew we would be fighting was so damn bad mannered in his game.Well of course.. bad manners would of course came from ah bengs. He kept saying
Some beatty student: Admit defeat la
Some beatty student: sure lose oneee
Some beatty student: still dont want admit defeat?Haha
Oh oops , did i just say the sch name?=D
Didnt know he could boast with his fucking retarded skills. Wheres the love~ FUCK LA WADS WRONG WITH BLOGGER . REMOVED ALL THE WAY ON HOW I BADMANNERED HIM
Outsiders: oMG! this guy micro(control in gaming term) so fast. he like go remember his shortcut key bla blabla. I pity the team who fight against them first. first 20 mins out le.
Rofl . ok i shall be a honest man and stop saying!(he said i'm pro too LOL). Was a bit disappointed no cash or material prize -.- just one freaking medal and a trophy for the sch. Oh well the thing i'm lolooking for is cca points anyawaY!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Shall blog a short while before going to sleeP!. Have some wc3 compy tmr rofl. Was having another fucking pms yesterday when some noob supposedly took my slot and at least i have it back noW! The thing thats worrying now is whether it'll be a 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 since another person is following me. . rofl. If its 2v2, i can cry and say goodbye :(. I never liked to play team games since i hate being drag down by my team mate or rely on their power.Whats worst now is that i'm sick coughing and BAD flu etc. I don tmind all this minor shit. U know what will make my pms come?

Organiser : U guys registered too late and have no slot.

Ya that better not fucking happen!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shall post another one since my pms has died down rofl. Man, Man's pms can never last like girls! Shit. Looks like the new year plan didnt go in plan. i still use the com everyday for 1hr now tho but i'm procrasinating and not studying -_-" The process continues...
1) check homework
2) *sees all very short short one*
3) go sch COPPPPYYYY!
O's is like october?! fuck man. i wan get below 10 or something. Its 2 days to the weekend at 9 more days to a LOOONGGG holiday. Its kind of sad that i only get decent play times during weekend ;(. Sigh~
I shall be a woman with pms today.
Finally completed finding and prinitng the damn chinese zodiac signs for my class decoration. And for your info , no i didnt "volunteerd" to do tat. I dont mind doing it tho since the chairman changed. But since i have a woman pms today i shall just whine like a girl. I didnt like how the previous chairman handled the committee anyway. Lets just cite a example. We're suppose to like bring or cook soem food to serve our teacher breakfast. He asked me to cook 5 egg and 5 sausaeg and bring to school. I said " relaly must meh?" Then he say ya bring tomorrow i dun care or smth. Of course that didnt piss me off or anything. Nxt day i brought the stuffs and he fucking commented: " ehh u really bring ar?" i was like WTF? That sentence seroiusly pissed me off. If u dun think i'll bring, Why ask me to FORCE me to bring it in the first place. So fucking nice attitude eh?
Yes and of course, pm girls wont stop bitching here so i'll continue yada yadayada! Form teacher aka math teacher was going thru some CME lesosn atb time management or smth. Then there was this slide about com games or wadever. She suddenly said " i heard there was some singapore top no 1 dunon wad game oh counterstrike player in mshs" FOR SOME FUCKING REASON, Someone( i dunno who) said EHH KERYU IS THE ONE. Then everyone say YA HE'S THE ONE. WTF?!?!?! Ya and thanks to them . i got a free ticket to high tea with her on monday for teacher pupil conferencing. Nice job liars. MY BLOG SAYS PRIMARY SCH NT WHOLE OF SINGAPORE GOD DAMN IT.
W/e i shall stop btichinbg around.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I know i promised i would blog more often but~~ Just no time!. Promise will blog soon. PatiencE!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

SIgh. Bad start to the year. Pissed off by many things and disappointed again again and yet again. The more i wan something, the further away it goes. I shouldnt have tried to get it in the first place. Temptation temptation temptations. . Maybe the solution is just to cut yourself away from the source and nt be tempted. But to see the thing suffering and not do anything, could u bear to do it? That where the problem lies. Wont continue further or the whole of this post would eb depressive in nature and i dont like sharing things to people who are not close to me yet viewing my blog(omG! imagine jason reading it). Ask me if u want to know and i might tell u if i'm in a good mood ~

Recently the school has like a new "theme" of the year. Its called "Listen to your heart" Sounds familiar?Its a song name and they used that song to tell us to listen to your heart and do the right thing. i was like WTF?! isnt that a freaking love song? Worst thing is they play it every morning before the freaking assembly. Here's the lyrics

I know there’s something in the wake of your smile.I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.You’ve built a love but that love falls apart.Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.Listen to your heartWhen he’s calling for you.Listen to your heartThere’s nothing else you can do.I don’t know where you’re goingAnd I don’t know why,But listen to your heartBefore you tell him goodbye.Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yea.They’re swept away and nothing is what is seems,The feeling of belonging to your dreams.And there are voicesThat want to be heard.So much to mentionBut you can’t find the words.The scent of magic,The beauty that’s beenWhen love was wilder than the wind.

Ya wadever i'm too lazy to seperate the text. but which freaking part tells us to listen to our heart and do the right thing?!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


If u seen the newspaper, its kind of scary to travel in the mRT for the first 2 weeks of jan rofL!. Imagine u're sitting in the mrt going to somewhere. *BOOM* zOMG! u see all the bloody "victims" around in all the mrt and all the "terrorist" come and the police will just own them bla bla. Hm......! Its a good excuse if u want to skip tuition thO!

Ky: Teacher i cannot go tuition today!
teacher: Y?!?!
Ky: i sway sway kena terrorist MRT thing =(
Teacher: ok

rofl. What i scared most is that terrorist will abuse this pratice shit to make a real terrorist attack. So if the "terrorist" asuddenly appear and point a gun at u, u'll just laugh hohoh. nxt moment .BOOM HEAD SHOT FucK! u're dead. shit! i dont wanna die a virgin yoyO!. Well anyway in a serious tone, this wold seem to prepare us and some singaporens are kiasi~ Would eb funny to see someone running around when he sees a "terrorist " ROFL

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First day of schooL!

First day of school is always most interesting rofL! Form teacher changed and she's teaching us maths too. Heard she's a lousy teacher and this year is O's so~. Selecting new chairman was most fucking funny.Our "almighty"(ps: add a loser) jason* got "nominated" for chairman. He was gave the 'WoW! i'm so famous and i cant believe people nominated me!" face and went out to the class when we voted. Obviously, DUMB people cant detect sarcasm ROFL. We all voted for the responsible guy(lets call him KS) and *cough* obviously no one voted for him =D. When he came in, all of us said " congrats chairman!" "Jason congralution" his face was "OMG I'M THE CHAIRMAN SO HAPPY!". Then the teacher announce : " Ur new chairman is KS" HAHAHA HIS FACE TURN FROM =) TO =(((((((((((((((((((((( TO :@@@@@@@@@@. Damn fucking funny. Then we all laugh at him. He was like diam diam and fucking pissed lmao. Yihe was like " JASON GOT SCAMMED HAHAHA!" Rofl damn damn funny. His friends or should i say ONLY 2 friends in class scold us lame, bo liao bla blabla. They're well hated by the rest of the class anyway.
Hmmmm.. New year resolution this year:
1) I will study almost evertday and not use the com not more than 1hr every day(except weekends!)
2) I will try my best to attend my cca more regularly to meet my 75% mark ROFL
3) i will swim more to grow taller!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new yeaR!

Happy new year 2006!
Went out with the usual people and today we had a special guest of honor A.k.A adrian! Its like the first time in the holidays he decided to come out with us :p. Guess we had to resort to going to lan to "invite" him out and eventually he went with us to the countdown at braddel height CC. Me and hy just owned the rest in cs, not bad considering i havent played and dont like the game for like 3 years. hy > me though. It'll be a different story if it was wc3 tho rofl. I > all anytime. I even promised adrian and lk that i would play maple story(WHICH IS THE MOST RETARDED GAME IN EARTH) if they defeated all my race starting from hu -> ne -> orc -> Ud. Currently they're still stuck at my ne rofl!. Good luck in transforming me into a gay retarded maple boy.!
Went to Braddel CC after the Lan session for countdown. Man it was more boring than i thought. The games were all for kids aind there was almost nothing to do. Just ordered some food and ate. YuM! The kebab taste good man. Waited for 10 mins and boOM! Happy new year 2006! Cool fireworks man.
We walked BIG rounds in circles after the countdown, deciding where to go. Kind of lazy to draw the picture now. Just imagine a clock and we're walking from the 12 o clock to 6 clock anti clockwise(NY countdown) then from 6 o clock to 12 clock in anti clock wise(Walking around for fun,deciding where to go) Stop there for 30 mins and discuss in the main pavement like punks ROFL. Then from 12 o clock move to 6 o clock in anti clock wise again( to buy slurpee and smash potato from 7 elevent). Sat down on the stairs on serangoon bus interchange and just eat and talk there for ard 45 mins where we just walk back from 6 o clock to 2 o clock in clockwise direction. ANDD its HOME SWEET HOME!
Here's some of the WCG pic i took with my cam. Not really nice consdering it was a lousy camera ._.
Picture 1. The banner on the stage

Picture 2 . Xbox tv screen
Picture 3: The stage! The 2 box look alike thing is where the players each sit inside seperately for stage matches.
Picture 4 : Commentators on the screen broadcasting the match.
Ok i'm going to bed bleahh shagged. Just wasted 20 mins writing this 2 post. Check the post below too. All is compensanted for no post in a long time! I'll post more regularly during sch day since i dont get to play WoW

You have been taggeD!

Following from PpD post
You have been TaggeD!
5 random stuffs about me
1)I can do 0 pull up
2)I hate my CCA and have a remarkable attendance of <50%
3)I'm always late for outings
4) I hate smokers
People taggeD!
2) Ling
4) Yinx
5) Agnes
(havent tagged for the last 3 since its like 2.15 am now and i cant remb their blog -_-)
Please write 5 random things about yourself and tag at least 5 people!