Sunday, September 30, 2007

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one Ill always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one Ill always love

Ill be there as soon as I can
But Im busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

First there was the one who challenged
All my dreams and all my balance
She could never be as good as you

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You should be the one Ill always love

Ill be there as soon as I can
But Im busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

Ill be there as soon as I can
But Im busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I nearly died after reading 3 pages of my 1.2k pages bio textbook which has the font size equivalent to or smaller(!) than a dictionary. Good thing is that i FINALLY understand translation after being in the blur side for months.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chinese paper tomorrow. Argh what a waste of time. 3 hours of my life is gone.

3 hours =

1) 3 episode of heroes

2) studying time for mathhh.

And oh here's my most recent chinese essay HAHA. *shy* Most of the contents were just copied from the question paper ;D

B3 O level chinese oK!Got chen yu somemore HAHA.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shit i'm addicted to heroes . DIE DIE.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

New muse cd and a few small bottles of orange juice to make screwdriver.


Shit i get the other math chapters but not partial fraction which ironically is the easiest math chapter. Haofeng still laughed at me :( . I feel like a idiot :(

Friday, September 21, 2007

Music loses its appeal after it becomes popular. It gets frustrating when the band you're listening to magically appears on radio and the next moment everyone on the streets are listening to it.

Classic example would be muse which is one of my favourite band. I happened to listen to two of their song from their oldest album quite a few years back, Unintended and Plug In Baby and omg it was love at first sight(!). Got the songs from their lastest released album and all their songss were nice :D. Their singer has a soo distinctive and unique voice that can be very hit pitch too. The guitar parts are nice(which means it doesnt sound like those ordinary pop rock/mainstream rock musics like fallout*cough* ) so is the lyricss. Some time later, the song "Time is running out" appeared on radio and was a hit. Wah lao i was damn sad la :(. Luckily and surprisely, only that song appeared on radio. Time is running out is a nice song but i think the some of the other songs are much nicer. I personally like butterflies and hurricane the best :P.

I nearly died when muse new album, the black hole thing came out. 2 of their songs became hits on radio and their album sales hit rank 1 spot in hmv(which i think is due to the 2 shity songs). Didnt really like the 2 songs, felt that they were the worst in the cd. No idea why it became so popular. The new album wasnt as good as the old one but most of the songs(assassin,exo politics,city of delusions blabla) were nicee.

Thank god that most of the other bands i listen to arent affected and i hope that they will never be :D. Radio kills.

And omg muse is super duper fantastic in live. My bro has the live in Glastonbury(sp?) dvd and the live8 dvd has 1-2 of their performances. I love the lead singer's voiceeeee. Muse came to singapore in January i think. Wah laoo i wanted to go one la but too bad neither andrew or aaron listens to/likes them. They went for the Fallout boy and Funeral for a friend concert instead. :(. Muse is like 100000 times better than fallout boys please!

The drummer look like a rat though HAHA

Here's some of the videosss.

Unintended (live):

Butterflies and hurricanes(live)

The stockholm Syndrome(live)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Went to study in NLB with Amelia today. National library is so cool that its worth waking up at 7.30 am just to reach there @ 9am sharp. You can bring food and drinks to the study area and eat! Yea this is my virgin experience going to the nlb, because its near bugis which is an ahlian/beng infested shit place.

Studied from 9 - 8.30 there. Yes 7+ hours of studying(!!) if u exclude the lunch break/stoning/talking rubbish. Totally give up studying after 5 and was just stoning there thinking abt stuffs. Here's the funny part.

4+ pm:
*shows me a message she typed on her hp*
"eh shit la. i feel like playing poool"

I thought she was joking so i just laughed it off

1hour+ later:
"eh fuck la. lets play pool for 1 hour! i canot tahan already"

HAHA. Off we went to play pool

my pool now is shit la. Omg i lost to a girllllll. My male ego has been smashed :(. Funny games though, at least it keeps my mind off things. And no, not emo please, just feel weird abt stuffs.

GP tomorrow! How i wish i can write as good as the rjc girl compo : (.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surprisely my parents allowed me to study at home today. Went out to study with Andrew today at bishan library, studied there for around 2 hours.

Bishan lib -> take a break, walk around j8 and ate lunch -> go back to bishan lib -> all seats occupiedd -> coffee bean to study for 2-3 hrs -> walk around j8 -> hougang mall -> walk around hougang mall -> kovan mac to study for 1hr. -> home sweet home @ 8 :)

Totally didnt have the mood and energy to continue studying after coffee bean. Walked around aimlessly in hougang mall before settling for kovan mac. Gave up on bio and decided to try last year promo paper chem mcq for fun. Wah lao 15/30 onlyy. Die la. Promotion seems to be impossible. 1 week left to accomplish the impossible. Actually i was aiming for all A's after my mye rofl, but looking at things now, all A's is actually (impossible)^4.

Something happened today. Dont know whether its a good or bad thing or just plain ..., but i'll just assume its a bad thing. Bad karma i tell you.

Studying @ nlb from 9-7 tomorrow. Hopefully i'll last! The guru will ensure i will.

2 more days to GPPPPPPPPPPPP!
Working your ass off for the promos?


working in mac donalds to earn $20 bucks for nxt year orientation package?

Which one are you doing?:D

Second one looks more fun though :( you even get to work and know more fellow abangs. Sorry. i just have an extreme obssession with mats recently.

Monday, September 17, 2007



Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hardcore mugger.

Studied from 10-6 today. Come to think of it, it's actually only till 5 since it was basically a talking session after 5. Neverthelesss its a HUGE accomplishment! Manage to finish half of my chem which includes the pain in the ass chemical bonding topic. I feel so fat now :(. 1 coke, 1 ice lemon tea and 1 soya bean. I think i'll go swim tomorrow!

And gosh, the song girlfriend was played 2 times today in MOS burger. I nearly died.

Promiseeeeeeeeeee =D!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sleeping at 3 kills, getting sent out of class didnt help either.(though i think getting sent out of class is more productive than listening to the econs teacher teach tsk).

Gosh i hate pw, waste of timee. My gun hates me too ):, i want a air compressed gunnnn.

Some things are so disgustingly funny HAHA

Monday, September 10, 2007

Gosh the amount of work people do during the holiday is scary.

Detention today was boringg. I think i would have died of boredom if PT didnt stayed with me, so nice of her =D. AND I FINALLY GET SMALL ANGLE APPROXIMATION! 3 sums in 2 hours though. shit. i hate love math
The rat movie was not bad.

Dinner at Tony Roma is cool too. It feels weird to dine there though, when there's only adults and ang mohs inside, felt like we were spoilt kids dining there. But the food's good and expensive so who cares!

I have to be a begger till friday. Its good that school ends at 1 on most day or 2 for next week yay :D.

I dont get it why some people put exam countdown timer on their msn nick. Damn irriating, that's like so...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A visit to Mount Elizabeth hospital yesterday cost me, or rather my parents $400. Ouch. Imagine all the things you can pay with that amount of money! The x ray costed 40+, some test cost 90+ and the consultation+medicine fee was 240. No fun though, the specialist room had no sophiscated high tech stuffs compared to the previous one i went last year.

And i just bought my bio TB today. 1.2k page omg.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sometimes i wish i was from a more studious school, maris certainly isnt a school to train ur mugging habits but it'll ttrain u to study smart since you have to complete the impossible in the shortest time(which is 1-2 day before the exam). Bad thing is that its hard to kick the habit of last minute chionging after being able to study smart.

12pm - Wake up
12pm - 1pm - Use the com to check on stuffs
1pm - 1.45pm - bath, eat blabal
1.45 - 3 - STUDY!!
3 - 5.30 - read comics
5.30 - 8+ - sleep
8+ - 9 - eat,bath blabla
9-10 - STUDY!
10 - 3am - Dota rofl.

That's my time table for the past few days. Its the marist spirit and bad friends influence i tell you.!

Alkaline Trio - All On Black

I put it all on black,
no color you're all dressed in
And a stab in the back
left you bleeding on the floor
And I'm mourning the death,
the recent passing of your insides
I smile in regret
every time I think of how I spoke to you

I put it all in back
of my mind where I hold you
I'm just trying to keep track,
how far back it really goes
And I'm living in lack
of the blood sent from the heavens
I'm just trying to relax
as the killer's waiting right outside my door

What's black and white? (what's black and white, what's...?)
What's read all over?
This tired book (this tirec book, this...)
This organ donor

Sweet blasphemy, my giving tree
It hasn't rained in years
I bring to you this sacrificial offering
of virgin ears
Leave it to me, I remain free from all the comforts of home (of home)
And where that is, I'm pleased as piss to say, "I'll never really know"

I put 'em all in black,
the four walls of my bedroom
And I trimmed them in red,
peeled your picture off the wall
And I'm living in lack
of the blood sent from your heartbeat
that arrived in your neck
every time I salivated over you

What's upside down? (what's updide down, what...?)
What's coated in silver?
This crucifix is (this crucifix is)
my four leaf clover

Sweet blasphemy, my giving tree
It hasn't rained in years
I bring to you this sacrificial offering
of virgin ears
Leave it to me, I remain free from all the comforts of home (of home)
And where that is, I'm pleased as piss to say, "I'll never really know"

One of these days (one of these days)
it's gonna catch up to you
Throwing looks like those around
One of these nights (one of these nights)
I promise to you
I'll soon be sleeping sound,
as soon as I leave town

Monday, September 03, 2007

I think today was the best bio practical so far we ever had. We're suppose to measure the rate of respiration of 2 giant tadpoles(the length of the base of the beaker!)at different temperatures by counting the number of time it opens its mouth.

I thought it was some boring experiment until we were told we needed to transfer the tadpole from the beaker to some small container and weigh it HAHA. So cool pleasez. You have to use the net and wait for the tadpole to swim to it, then use ur hands to hold the net to prevent it from jumping out and release to let it slip down to the small container.

Unfortunately(or fortunately) my tadpole decided to be a bitch. It was jumping like mad in the net, the tadpole the teacher demonstrated to us just lied there. And when i was transferring it to the small container, THAT DAMN THING JUMPED OUT and was on the table. No choice but to use my hands and place it back to the container. The moment it's placed in the container, it immediately jumped out, splashing water around. Covered the container with my hands while measuring it in case it jumps around again, it still did and it felt like some slimy thing rubbing against my hand.
My tadpole's a fighter i tell you!

The class(15 people) went for lunch with Mr Yeow at swensens. He's the super nice teacher who gave us hope for bio and apparently he's very generous too. *cough*

I think im so damn good at avoiding people i dislike.

Cough isnt getting better. Argh. Im dying from coughing.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Ky shall be a good boy and a lifeless mugger in order to be smarter to convert the 4 Us to 4 As and be promoted!

Yea you wish. I want to/MUST get promoted though.

Kuishinbo was yummy and expensive . 32 bucks for lunch ow, worth it though for all the sashimis and japanese food =DD. School on monday and tuesday, ahh i hate school ):

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The dance girls were damn cool.

I like the performance by the twins.

I missed most of the teachers day performance argh.

Class performance today was awesome, wasnt as bad as i expected :D. Jes solo bangra part was the ownage man.

Teacher's day seems to be the day where it renews a teacher faith and motivation. So genius of the girls to buy strepsils for mr yeow, could see he's so damn touched and about to cry HAHA.

Went back to maris and lunchhd with the 4c guys before going to pool at meridian. Pool was fun and cheap. i thinnk like 6 bucks for 2-3 hours.

Kuishinbo tomorrow. Yayyy! Decent food at last.