Thursday, January 31, 2008

Songs form a story.

Am a new born. Time is running out,looking at The Small Print of the notes, doing homework Endlessly, Hysteria kicks in, Butterflies and Hurricane in the stomach,will Black out soon. Apocalpyse please . Longing for the day to Sing for Absolution.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today was really a big joke,damn fun to kajiao siti HAHA. laughed until my back ache and tears come out. Looks like singapore racial harmony is really successful =D

Better not saying anything here later die.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I've been eating alot of chocoloates lately, like 5-6 pieces a day. It all started when my hands got itchy and opened my house warming gifts which were mostly chocolates/wine.I tried one on that night and i ended up eating 10 at one go. Damn shiok please the belgium chocolates! Two packs of chocolates are already gone =S

Die la, so fat already but the chocolates are just tooooo nice. Nvm i'll be starting the CJ gym activity for my nyaa soon, all the calories would be gone soon =D

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pretty disappointing.

79 71 73 82 and i had to go for some nyaa briefing #%#$. That's only 305/400 and if u convert to 600 its only 450+. WHEN CAN I HIT MY 500 >;(.

If you shoot badly, don't start shouting towards your team mates please. Its really disgusting.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Should i continue chingay?

Going for chingay means sacrificing ROCKAFELLA, safra monthly shoot, TPJCIS and training sessions. The shooting stuffs arent really important but i really really want to go for rockafella. I want to hear the cj rock bands and i already bought the tickets. 30 hours of cip seems too important to drop chingay. I DONT WANT TO SPEND 4 HRS A WEEK RACKING LIBRARIES FOR 60 HOURS OF CIP.

Monthly shoot tomorrow. Shooting around ~480 recently so i think i SHOULD be able to hit 480 tomorrow, and with a little bit of luck i might be able to hit 500.

I'm a good boy now. i spent FOUR HOURS + on monday to finish 2 math tutorials like a dog. Uhh chem test tomorrow and i think im going to fail it. Stupid parents teacher meeting was a waste of time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


*shows coach the cards*

Coach: Ok. Just keep on shooting.
Ky: .......

Last week

*shows coach the cards*

Coach: Your shots looks a little low.
Ky: ummm okay.

WAH LAO. I guess shooting is a self help sport.

Some pics from the DT concert

Friday, January 18, 2008

Words cannot be used to describe the dream theater concert. It was like super duper x10000 fantastic! They gave a 2.5 hour performance and an encore that lasted for 30 mins! So i guess they kept to their word about a 3 hour concert :D.

I was surprised to see quite a number of mats in the concert since i wasnt really expecting mats to listen to DT. HIGH CLASS MATS. And guess where i was standing?

FIRST ROW INFRONT OF THE AMPLIFIER!My vertical disadvantage is gone and i can like see all the band members full view!

All these would be perfect if it didnt RAINED. It rained for like 1 hour and everyone was fully soaked wet. Its like my MASS PE in the rain.

It was 95 bucks definitely well spent though (:

Shit now i have no voice and there's a buzzing sound in my ear.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School workload is insane. It isnt manageable at all, sometimes i wonder how the people in my class can actually complete all their work in time. I'm still left with nyaa CIP which requires 60 hrs of cip by july and the physical part which requires like 60 hours or something. Not to mention there's shooting training almost everyday.

How to do work when you're back home at 8 everyday?I really feel guilty for not doing math and bio homework because these are the teachers that have put in the most effort and hardwork for us. Yet i have no choice but to set the other subject homework as priority just because the teachers are the strictest. How ironic.

Looking forward to dream theater concert tomorrow :):). Please let there be no homework tomorrow. *prays*

Monday, January 14, 2008


The day started ouut shitty as i only had four hours of sleep. To make it worse, today was a whole lecture day. Just when i thought i could go home and have a nice sleep, the class committee decided to do the class board TODAY. Shit i was like a dead zombie after the whole thing ended.

On my way to the bus stop, i saw 153 leaving. 156 was next so i took it to NY bus stop. I tapped the card after alighting and GUESS WHAT?


I checked my wallet and ...

NO COINS AND NO MONEY. KAO PEI. I felt like killing myself.

I had to walk from ny all the way to KOVAN. I walked to upper serangoon shopping centre and it began to RAIN.$%@#$#. Ran into the bus shelter and waited for a while. After replying to a message, i scrolled down the contact list for fun and saw..

Mum's hp.

omg i'm a joke.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

AHAH YESS. DREAM THEATER CONCCERT ON 17 JAN! Hopefully there's still ticketss.

There's school on the next day though shit.

Friday, January 11, 2008



damn i should have borrowed people's homework for the weekend

Here's a random peekturee. Christmas partyy :)

SHOULD I GO FOR DREAM THEATER CONCERT. Its on a thursday and it feels bad to owe people 95 bucks ):

Thursday, January 10, 2008


90 bucks for the ticket and the concert is at mid jan argh. Aaron is going tooo. BUT ITS 90 BUCKSS. I heard it would be a 3 hour concert

Being poor sucks. School sucks. Homework sucks. The school malay food sucks.Coming home at 8 everyday sucks. MATH TUTORIAL SUCKS cause of the 10 mins standing up in class if you never do all your hw rule. I think i will be its longest standing member.

Shitty mood these few days, emo emo emo cause of some stuff. Shooting trials today was fun though, luckily that oily hand girl didnt come.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wow i didnt copy any answers even though i brought home someone's chem homework. Shit i'm so proud of myself. It's amazing how A level changes everything.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

My pistol has been violated in the cca bazaar by some fat girl(there's one more adjective but i cant say it here or i'll go to jail) who has super wet hands which left like oil stain marks on my darling WTF. There's like a neverending queue at the shooting range. Teach one finish and another comes in. Some are like soooo #$%#$# dumb. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT LEGS PARALLEL TO EACH OTHER?!?!

Saturday's dinner was !!!!!Auntie and Uncle treated the whole family to Lei Gardens at Chijmes. The food was heavenly, big serving and the bill was huge too,like almost a month salary for 3 tables.

474 yay! Shit i havent done any homework yet and my new year resolution is to TRY not to copy ppl's hw :D

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Life of a j2 sucks.

School, shooting, homework( i havent manage to attempt this part of the day yet though), sleep EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Travelling to YISHUN safra isnt exactly convenient considering me living in Kovan. Sometimes i wonder whether all my effort and money will be in vain if i fail to make it to the school team. But i think its better to give it aall and have no regrets.Too much regrets last year. At least i have the company of andrew to safra and as a mentor! HAHA. Crazy ass still ask me to jog in the night after training.

Homework isnt exactly good. i'm still at differentiation tutorial for math cannnn. Home isnt exactly a nice place to stay too where every minor thing gets magnified into something big. Oh well blame the CHINESE educated parents. Looks like mac donalds will have their old customer coming back again.