Thursday, August 31, 2006

Had some mr cool marist competition today for teacher's day. Jian rui won the 2nd prize + Mr physical(or wadever the title is), damn i think he could won if theres no mr physical. Winning 1st + mr physical = no manners/bias judge or?!?! Anyway congrats to him for wining :D, the class were cheering and screaming for him.

Went to my last minute planned primary sch gathing, i was invited to a conversation yesterday when carin suggested to meet tomrrow at compass point at 11.30 to visit a teacher. Everyone was ok ok and i told them i might nt going since my sch dismiss some late. Carin was like "nonono! u must go! i havent seen u for a long time" and i just said ok. I reached at around 12.30 and the organiser was not here yet LOL. They came in the end at like 1.30 ,nice 11.30 eh! When i reached there, only yasheng, charlotte and ben was there. Said hi and sat at the nearby seats. It was damn awkward at the start -_-. There was like nothing to talk but it got better as time pass i guess. Then yuting and xinying came and bla bla bla they talked more. It was like sooooooo hard to communicate with them since theyre chinese speaking -_-. So in the end, they talked to me in english and it was sooooo much easier --;. Theres one group of ah beng sitting near us, rofl they were using hokkien vulgar language in every sentence they speak. I was giggling whenever they say those vulgar words, their accent is just so funny! i think charlotte heard it and she was laughing too.

Finally, dharma, meng han, changjie, carin came at 1.30. Was so relieved since i could talk freely with them. I'll just cut short on the details. Just talk and bullshit around while waiting for the girls to eat finish, went to the toy shop later to buy a gift for ms sing. I chip in with dharma,menghan,chang jie to buy some gift that they already bought. The girls bought some pillow cushion or wadever.

Took the lrt to north spring primary to meet ms sing. Damn her faces has alot of pimples now @@. Gave her the gifts and talked for around half an hour. Surprisely, there were a shit load of secondary sch waiting outside at the school gate(since we're nt allowewd to go in). We parted ways after that, originally wanted to go to a lanshop and dota with the dharma,menghan,changjie, then delay delay delay and i was too lazy to go T.T

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Damn i love this promotional video so much :). The song lyrics fits in so nicely. Lets hope E-Sports will become as huge as soccer next time~
Ok all this confirms that joakim supporter are mostly teenage girls rofl!

Ky: Rofl! Joakim singing is some suck! [] says:
is it
Ky: Rofl! Joakim singing is some suck! [] says:
his singing sux leh
d0n insult my JOAKIM


Monday, August 28, 2006

JOakim is still inside the show. lol what a joke

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Created a new blog which is dedicated to gaming and my whinings about it :P. Click me

Rofl. This thing really made me laugh. I salute those who can type like this for every sentence online.


# LURB all maiis precious PPL %

ii will nortt 4get my MARMMIE; lao GONG; nu' erS; GORS; jies; MEIS; di di

ii hate RUMOURS . FAKE!!

. dun tok rubbish worhhs!~

iim lOsing my temper sOon . hahas!`

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sec 1
7.30 - 1 school
1-5 - Com
7 - 11 Com
11-12 Hw/study(If ca or sa in a few days time)

Sec 2
7.30 - 1.40 school
2 - 5 com
7 - 11 com
11 - 12 hw/study(If ca or sa in a few days time)

sec 3
7.40 - 2+ school
2+ - 5 com
7 - 11 com
11- 12 hw/study (if ca or sa in a few days time)

Sec 4
7.30 - 2.15+ School
2.30+ - 4.30 - Com
4.30 - 7 - sleep
8 - 11- Study( When O's is 235326376363 days later)
11 - ?? - Com

See the damn big difference?
The typical sad life of a student taking O's.

Com = going out/using com btw. i have a fking life! Its a miracle how i got into triple science now that i type out my past time tables

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Theres a david beckham in our class. Oops! I mean a david beckham poser

Monday, August 21, 2006

Filing my bio notes are a pain in the ass. It's damn funny to see how stupid you were one year ago or how pro you were one year ago but its damn scary that u have to study the whole fking thick file for ur prelim which is like 8 days away. Not to mention that i havent touch that damn file yet rofl!

Anyway lets plan for my prelim results!

Before moderation

Eng - 3-4

I can never expect a A from a english --

Chi - 2 or 3(pplsplsplspls!)

I hope i can get a 2 for prelim or not ill have to use my damn o levl chi

Combine human - 1-2

I dont know how im going to get 1-2 with map reading on geo rofl!

Chem - 1

Its a must.

Bio - 2-3

Phy - 3-5

E math - 1(hopefully)

A math - 3-4

l1r5 = 10 - 14

After moderation,

I hope they move all my weaker subjects up! HOpefully can get below 10 T_T. Die. I better start my revision tomorrow LOL.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A game or two of wc3 a day keeps your thinking on the peak level and makes you grow one strand of white hair a day.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

10 more days to prelim and i only studied chapt 1-3 of chem only. Rofl gg no fking re

Joakim is still in the compy wtf lol. top 7 and theres still this kind of rubbish singing in the competition, singapore idol is a joke

Singapore idol forum is so funny too

Heres one die hard joakim fan.

"Remember how Simon made fun of Taylor. He said something like it's cruel to put Taylor in. He said horrid things about him. As time goes by, he stayed on all the time. Simon subsequently say good things about him. He won!

Ken said Joakim is teruk. This week, Ken had to admit that indeed, Joakim is MARKETABLE.

Wa lau, this boy is perpetually in the safe group. What does the market tells you? Simple to understand isn't it?"

Lol. This person is so funny. Even though i rarely watch singapore idol, i could still tell ken is saying the same thing on those two weeks rofl. Marketable doesnt mean u can sing well. . its just that u have good looks to attract people to buy ur album. I thought i remember ken still saying joakim singing still sucks ..lolol.

I choose this person cause he/she just way too funny..

"People write in English at this forum. Yet, their English comprehension is so poor. You see, check the dictionary and you will find that "IDOL" means someone who is admired.

It didn't say "Someone who can sing" or "someone who is talented". Period.

Joakim is cute to fan girls and good boy image to aunties. Singing is secondary because JOAKIM CAN SING, although he doesn't have a BIG VOICE.

So what are people unhappy about? The voting is reaping in $$$$ to the producer; this is the objective. A reality TV contest. Period. "

Look whose english comprehension is so poor that he/she cant even decipher ken words *shrugs* Its funny how he take every word meaning seriously. Does project runaway means a competition to see who can run away the fastest?roflmao. Singing might be slightly secondary but joakim cant sing for nuts.

Singapore idol has become a comedy show :D

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I couldnt bear to watch on Singapore Idol. Its no surprise that the viewership is falling, people are just getting smarter not to waste their time on the competition. The first contestant was hady or however u spell his name. He sang "You give love a bad name" by Bon Jovi. It sounds like a distorted version of the song, though he SING SO MUCH BETTER than the second contestant, joakim gomez . Joakim gomez singing was such a joke that i loled in my heart every second. Its a surprise how he manage to stay in this competition and join this competition with a missing form, must be those stupid girls who vote him cause hes just a good looker @_@.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
hi im zeus and im going to zap your ass

I just found this screnshot(click on pic to see) in my computer which was taken a few weeks ago i think. That was the first time playing back dota after like 3-4 months cause i wanted to try and abuse the new zeus :P. Turned out to be quite good with balls using pugna. I got a 12-0(with balls and lk supporting me of course :P) Decrypt lightning abuse = GGGGGG!

I only got a double kill while using zeus ultimate. Damn looks i still cant get the TRIPLEEE KILLL by zeus ultimate easily* like how my class dota Sucker theorycraft master says. Sheesh hes just too pro** for me!

* "You know right... When 3 red life enemy running away right, then you press your ultimate .. THEN TRIPLE KILLLL!!!!!!"


Omfg what a pro

Monday, August 14, 2006

I met two idiots during recess today. adrian and me were queueing at the snacks store when suddenly some sec 3 guy just cuts behind adrian. Oh did i mention hes fat and shorter than me? I thought that he was adrian cca mate/friend or wadever. Turns out he was just a stranger and he just told adrian "let me cut pleasee!" Lets just narrate in dialogue form :D

Short and fat kid: Let me cut pls!! *automatic cuts into the queue*
Ky: Your CCa mate ar?
Adrian: NO?!?!
Ky: Then why he cut?rofl
Adrian: How the hell i knowww

I didnt mind INITIALLY until that fat ass decides to invite trouble.

Short and fat ass: *ask friend* EH!! want to cut queue or not??!?!
Fat ass friend : *tries to cut infront of me* Eh brother! Let me cut la. We're so good friend
Ky: *WTF?!?!?!* Do i know you?
Fat ass Friend: Yea of course. You and me so close*tugs me*
Ky: Why u so thickskin? I dont even know who you are. Shoo please. *pushes him out and get back my queue*
This short and fat ass decides to be funny with me.
Short and fat ass: Ehh stop penetrating la(wtf does it got to do with me puhsing him anyway @_@ Isnt penetrating infront?!rofl)! Gay gay gay!
Ky: *explodes* .... Shut up la short fat fuck.


Short fat fuck : .... *diam diam*
Fat ass friend: Eh why u say my friend short? Dont talk so much rubbish ok?Im taller than you *tip toes*( Did i mention hes around the same height as me?:P)
Ky: Hes really short anyway
Fat ass friend: Ya ya. Gay gay gay gay!
Ky: * controlling anger and just ignored him. I got my queue back anyway tat loser!*

I was so fucking tempted to land a fist right infront of his damn nose. !@%!@!%! Hes a half indian or half malay or wadever. I was very tempted to scold some racial remarks to that loser(not that im a racist, just a racist against idiots).

Aaron was damn funy rofL! He saw the incident and asked me whos the guy. I went like "HUh?Ok its that loser!" Aaron just went and approach him.

Aaron: You call my friend gay is it?
Fat ass friend: Go away la.
Aaron: Just fuck off!

LOLOLOL. That guy was like so fucking scared,using his hands to shoo aaron aaway. Man the funniest scene would be the short and fat ass talking so much rubbish and just immediately went quiet when i called him a short fat fuck :D. Oh and i took note of that Fat ass friend name. Russel soh xiu yong. Turns out to be haoyuan softball junior @_@. Bay told me he nearly got into a fight with tat guy too during primary sch lolol. He told me that guy smokes and just act ah beng. Haha what a loserr. I hope you die of lung cancer by smoking! And may that short fat ass get constipation that cannot be removed to make him look fatter. :D

DOnt be a russel soh xiu yong or ill smack you :D. I went to search for his face in the year book and i immediately guessed his class right :D. Looks like hes a dumb ass afterall(Look how tall i am!!*Tip toes!!!*) ROFL.

Friday, August 11, 2006

b3 for chinese. Kind of expected it anyway. Damn my oral got a Pass ._. @#%@# could have gotten a2 if i had merit! Damn shouldnt have screwed up

Mr brown made a podcast for asia wcg and it was some funny rofl! Lousygal voice is some nice!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Gabriel's BBQ yesterday was fun :D

Heres the highlights:
Everyone ganging on gabriel lee and throwing him to the pool is priceless.

I think sean should go be a master chef since he is so god damn pro at bbqing. Damn i feel so guilty now since it was mostly sean and jian rui doing all the bbqing and we doing all the eating. But dont worry sean! its valuable experience for u next time LOL.

Me, lk and nicholas went to the pool and just splash water like little kids. Gabriel younger brother and cousin is so cute! ROFL!. T.T They keep aiming me.

Watched the f16(I htink) and the apaches flying pass us. The apache look so cool

Lk broke nicholas specs. We have the same bad luck man!

Gabriel house has a nice view of the fireworks since his pool and bbq area is located in the top floor. 2 mins ++ of fireworks ^^ Too bad my hp is too lousy to capture them.

Nicholas is very shy yesterday, he's too shy to sit beside gabriel sis HAHAHA. I got raped everytime i called his name and say "Eh nicholas, why you so shy?!!!"

The bone in the otah got fking stucked on my throat, i had to vomit in order to remove that damn bone.

Gabriel brought us to old airport road to lim kopi and eat supper. Thats the only real food i ate!Dont get me wrong, sean bbq isnt bad. Its just that i dont really like bbqed stuffs. Surprisely i saw someone from my pri sch helping his dad at the drinks stall. He looked so damn tall and i didnt even know it was him until he asked "Eh keryu, you dont remember me ar?" I'm like O_O and suddenly found his face familiar and said hi roger and went back. Its always fun to gossip around while eating :P. Ate until 11+ and reached home at 12am++, continued to play with adrian and lian kai before sleeping :P

Thanks gabriel for the party!
Gabriel sister is not bad

O level chi results tmr. Hmmmmm i think a b3 or b4. Hopefully not c5 pls! If i get an A, i would not go online on weekday and study all the way. rofl!
The song that keeps replaying in my wmp
A.F.I - On The Arrow

He said, "Who truly belongs here?"
Not I she said, I'll lie here with you
He knows no one shines forever
They change with the weather

He said, "I've now stayed too long here"
Good bye she said, I'll wait here for you
He knows the winds carry sorrow
As the leaves should follow
They leave tomorrow

Fragments of joy torn apart
A freshly drained heart that beats
Disguise themselves through him
He'll say that it's nothing new
And swear this is true,
for you, I'll swallow the ocean

I'll swallow the ocean

He said, "Who truly belongs here?"
Not I she said, I'll lie here to you
I know the sorrow is sacred
And I'll never break you
I'll softly save you

Fragments of joy torn apart
A freshly drained heart that beats
Disguise themselves through him
He'll say that it's nothing new
And swear this is true,
for you, I'll swallow the ocean

I'll swallow the ocean

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Added back my profile link. However, i've removed my previous blog links since theyre somewhat personal now :P. I felt a mixed feeling when i viewed my old blog entrys. Weirdness, Funny and saddness. Weird to know i was so emotional last time. Funny to know how i type and blog last time and sad to be reminded of the bitter past. Some things are same even after a year just that i choose not to say it anymore :D. 2am now ~_~ Gabriel BBQ later on!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Calling all WarcraftIII players who have the following requirements:

1) Valid passport
2) Can fly up to Korea

All expense paid trip up to korea to play agains KOREA TEAM in a 2v2 SHOW MATCH this weekend.

Counter-Strike and WarCraft3 (2 on 2) Show Match
Singapore Team Vs. Korean Team (Hacker.PK, Moon, Lucifer)
Pick-up from the airport (either Inchon International airport or Dae-gu Domestic airport) and check-in the Bak-ak-gwan Motel on Aug. 12
Competition in the evening of on Aug. 13
Departure to Singapore on Aug. 14
Prize Money
CS: Winning Team US$ 2,000 / Losing Team US$ 1,000
W3: Winning Player US$ 500 / Losing Player US$ 250
Transportation including flight and lodging will be covered for team members.

Please post your details here if interested, those participating in WCG. WCG will be over on the 10th for those who does not make it to top 4 and will not clash.

WHY MUST THERE BE SO MANY COMPETITION DURING MY O LEVEL YEARRRRRRR??????!!!!!!! Rofl. Its quite a worth it deal to go there anyway. WHether u win or lose, you'll get money. So basically its like the koreans paying u US250 for you to make a fool of yourself losing to their top players in TV LOL.i want to go T_T!!! ANYTHING IS WORTH IT FOR MY CCA POINTS AND MONEY. What fucking bad luck this year. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a angel flying away :(
Asia WCG is coming!! 12th to 13th of august at Suntec city exhibition halls. I'm not sure whether i want to go there ;S. Theres only 10 countries taking part : Australia, China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, New zealand, Philiphines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. No korea = little skilled players -_-. Games to be played are wc3, cs, doa4, fifa and *cough* dota.

Wc3 has basically no hope since theres 2 world class players, suh0(aballs fav nerd) and philbot . Unless a upset or a miracle happen, i dont see sg taking for wc3 LOL.

I dont know much about cs ;S. If wnv comes, they would most likely take first place. Neighbouring countries would be np for sg unless they screw up again. Ang moh countries are the hard onesssssss.

Dont know much about fifa too. I think our fifa sg top player kind of suck LOL. Who knows the 10 countries might suck at fifa too rofl

Dead or alive 4 is almost a sure win. If tetra doesnt win it, then sg is gonna kick his balls and snatch his WCG 2nd medal.

DOta is the only game where i hope that sg player would get raped inside out. Singapore dota players just brag too much and think theyre like top in the world when theyre not. Die dota die!

Come to think of it, why am i even blogging abt htis LOL. Its not like anyone knows anything abt pro gaming :P

Monday, August 07, 2006

Found a new interesting blog to read :)

No wonder he's in the star blogger for STOMP, just couldnt find his blog url all this while . Its VERY and i mean very lengthy but somehow i enjoy reading his point of views and the articles he chosen :P. I think i would need 1 whole day to read his whole blog. It'll be my textbook for geo/social studies for local development and detecting tone/purpose of article! :D 22k hits since 12 june 2006. Quite a popular blog indeed :). Political and blogs about the sg news really attracts me :D

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Grand Final
4K^Grubby [2:1] 4K^ToD

Rofl sorry aballs! My player has better luck than yours :D

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yesterday was so funny rofl! I think some people have some attitude problem. Remember jason the dota "pro"? Apparently he and i havent quarreled since that incident, so i thought he became neutral or wadever. I was placing my bag outside the physics lab without noticing that i was standing near his bag, he came from nowhere and just took his bag and swing it away from me(obviously hitting me). I went "WTF??!?!?!" AFter physics lesson, i just got my bag and step on his bag repeatedly without him noticing and went up to AVA room for bio lesson . HA!

Chemistry tuition pratical was a joke too roflL!L!L! The person who flamed me in so much in the 4d forum cause i was a outsider and did nothing wrong at all @_@. I completed my pratical and felt bored so i decided to see whether he'll flame in real life too~

Julian: *turn around*
Ky: HI!
Julian: Are you the one who know charlotte?
Ky: Shes ur friend?
Julian: ya
Ky: I think she doesnt treat u as her friend *make sad face* I heard she rejected you as well
Julian: ...*turn back*

Theres 3 marist in the tuition. Me, lian kai and lenard(a 4d guy). Its really true that the whole class hagte tat julian guy so bad LOLOL. Even lenard treats him so badd

*lenard on his own bunsen burner and heat his test tube*
*Julian go share with lenard when he has his own bunsen burner"
Lenard: Go away laa. You use mine for what? You got ur own bunsen burner what. You dont know how to light up ur bunsen burner is it
Julian : *Mumble to himself* sorry.
Ky: Wah lao lenard, why you treat my best friend so bad? Hes so friendly to you lor.
Julian just kept quiet.

During the last pratical, i decided to be a ass again LOLOL.

Ky: Julian!
Julian: *turn around*
Ky: HI!
Julian: *turn back*
Ky: Wha lao, why u never say hi back to me
Julian *turn around and laugh* Hi.
Ky: How come you so quiet? I thought u used to flame me alot in the 4d forums?
Julian: *keep quiet*
Ky: You still got keep your blog which you use to flame ur own class?(refer to article below later!)
Julian : *keep quiet*
Ky: *tells to lk and lenard* Wah lao , my best friend dao me . So sad.

During debrief before the teacher came, he was sitting infront of us and no one wanted to sit with him. He put his bag on the chair beside him .

Ky: Sian. My best friend dont want me to sit with me.
Lk decided to be a ass too ;p
LK: Your best friend dao you la, he dont want to talk to you
Ky: Best friend! Best friend!
No reply came :(
Ky: Sigh. i feel damn sad, my best friend dao me.
Ky: *Looks at the 8 behind his shirt* Eh lk, we can call him lucky!
ky: Lucky! Lucky!
Lk: Hahaha daoed!

Theres some other comment which i cant remember =SS. Anyway after dismissal, i decided to be a ass one last time ;(. He was on the tuition door entrance waiting for his parents to fetch him i think! I was already some distance anyway

Ky: *shout* JULIAN!
Julian: *turn around*
Julian : ......

ROFL! the look on his face was priceless O_O. I'm not like that actually, just pissed to remember the shit he flamed me online and being a pussy in real life.

My pri sch friend hated him cause he created a blog to insult his own class when hes the chairman @@. Anyway heres the emailonig she send to me.

Okay so it goes like this.
Julian starts a obnoxious online blog to flame people and i get annoyed and scold him. ;P


Hey Charlotte,

I just want to tell you that you've hurt me :'(.

I am not angry at all, but I must tell you how moved and honoured I am to have you as a friend to remind me of my atrocities. You see, I took the whole day to reflect on my situation and I thought, hey, you're correct that ranting someone annonymously is cowardly.

But if you were to put yourself in my shoes, you will realise that I have made too many enemies in my real life, partially because I was a Chairman for half of the years in my Secondary School. It's totally difficult for me to tell them right in front of their face that they are so rude. So what happens? You see people who take advantage of me and then leave me helpless all the time and your whole life in the school feels so stale, meaningless and cold.

I found out that my only solution to make me feel better was to rant on the internet. Don't get me wrong. I had always intended to keep my blog as private as personal as possible. I just needed someone whom I could trust, whom he/she could understand my situation. And voila, you were one of them.

It least turned out to me that someone in my class actually popped by a visit. It also least turned out to me that you would reprimand me and tell me that I am at wrong. As mentioned, I should be much more glad than saddened to have someone to point out my faults. You know I've shifted my blog, so I will leave you with the decision of whether to shut down that blog or continue operating it in private, and you won't have to see it.

I believe your intentions are meant to be kind, so if you're worried that the truth may hurt, just erm... basically, tell the truth, yeah.

Yours sincerely,

um. i'm not gonna waste my time by typing back a long ass letter so basically.
if you don't like them, TELL them. or settle it in rl.
don't make it like some sob story please, i mean if you could settle everything logically and still be nice to everyone this wouldn't happen. my class chairman is still on good terms with us and for the record we love her very much.
the end.



I told you if it's that easy I would have done so. But you know, most of them are just plain recalcitrants and are completely different from girls, I think. If they are just as well brought up as your classmates are, I believe everything would have worked out. Frankly, I can't patch up whatever gap that's being torn apart between me and them unless they've become more sensible.

I do not expect you to reply to this but I need you to know that life in my school is really very pathetic. After all you've done for the class, they treat it as a toilet paper just as how you wiped my explanation away with it. PERIOD.

maybe the fault lies with you and not with them.



Well I'm not completely blaming them, you see. I have a very pompous and perfectionista bad habit and I've been told about it and I admit it. But I've tried to make up with as many people who have pissed me or I have pissed. I managed to convince a few but there are always the minority bunch of nuts who are so difficult to crack.

You're right about the fault lies with me, it's the rule of one finger points at you, three fingers point back at me. I've also resorted to the point of ignoring them, just like what I did to David. And if they can't help but want to make me mad when I did not bother them, I'm not stepping back anymore.




oh gee this is a waste of time lol.
i think i'm better off studying for my Os than arguing with you :D
bye! :D

Thats like some chim english 0,0. I heard from her that he uses all those chim words normally in the wrong context LOL. You know whats the freaky thing?She told me that he went around telling people that he wanted to marry her and bla bla bla. pity that i didnt save the conversation last night ;( Now thats a freaky man. A nerd dreams!

PS: Dont think lenard and lian kai are innocent. Those 2 ass kept laughing all the time too rofl

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I feel good and at ease when im doing the past O level chem paper
I feel like killing myself while doing the past O level physics paper

The difference of doing something u like and good at and something which u detest and suck at.
I saw this under one of my classmate blog links

"Ker Yu aka pro gamer"


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bo liao post of the day

I thought of this stupid post while watching the WEG masters video :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Who does this look like?*Facial expression hint hint!*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Omfg!Its the hug!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kj ^_^.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The future....

What do this pic have in common?

LOLLOL im just too bo liao

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Theres alot of things i feel like blogging about but some blog with i tink ii talk lyk sho cute language distorted my thoughts so badly. I'll just blog some small thing.

I find some people whom i see/heard from friends abit of weird. They have many luxury items like the lastest up to date hp, branded clothes, electronics but they're quite stingy to spend their money on food/entertainment. I find it a great irony :X Having luxury on you that cost like $232633263745784 dollars but cant bear to part with maybe a few bucks. THere are people who dont have the lastest hp bla bl alba but they dont mind spending on food/entertainment or what other rubbsih. Sometimes i wonder whether people buy those things for cover up/outward appearance. Of course i belong to the second one LOL. My hp is changed every 3-4 years, my computer is 5 year old , my mouse is 5 year old too LOL but i can part with my cash unless its like 3224623636 bucks!. Of course, theres the people who are well dressed/equiped with luxury and spend lots of money :P THats a different story!

What a weird world we live in