Saturday, October 27, 2007

The past few days were tiring.

Op dry run-> go out - > come home and dota for 2-3 hrs before sleeping at 1-2am.

Managed to wake up early for Mr Yeow wedding today, was just a LITTLE late. Quite irriated to see some people i do not want to see in the wedding. The day began to suck from the photo taking session.

All the cjcians gathered at a place and we all shouted "Congrats mr yeow, 9 months later!!" Guessed what one of them said? "HOPE YOUR BABY NO MUTATION AH!!" or something alon that line. I felt like shoving my fist into his face when he said that man, chem teacher happen to heard it too and he scolded him. He was still LAUGHING when Mr tan scolded him.

Lunch was worse and the rest felt the same as me too. I got so irriated and fed up that i just left halfway. Cant be bothered to list the countless incidents that took place in lunch.

I think they read my blog but i dont really care :X

ANYWAY! This video is so cool please. It has reignite my love for indian movies again HAHA

I remember watching indian movies at central when i was in primary school.It was like.. a source of entertainment. I would just keep laughing throughout the entire movie. The language and dance are damn COOL! The characters would just find a tree and dance left right left right! I can still remember a scene where the main character was shot, he and his gf still DANCED all the way(from tree to tree) to the hospital ROFL.

Monthly shoot tomorrow, :( only cjc person there. I have no more pellets toooo.

Few months have passed and im still stuck at 430 440+ -.-. Die la :( how to make it into the team next year, 1 slot for 3 people to competee. They can shoot 480+ somemore!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ky: says:
go see this pic

Ky: says:
dman funny

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:
omg you are so mean!

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:

Ky: says:

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:
OMG you are so bad

Ky: says:

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:

Ky: says:

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:
you are so mean

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:

The Wonder Walrus wears candypants says:

HAHA. Okay i need to be less mean ):. School today was damn fun HAAHA.

Aww darling i love you!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Very very tired and headaches.

I felt like a living crap in school today.

But it was all worth it :D

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pw is a pain in the ass.

I cant believe i actually took a whopping 4 hours to complete my I&R even with Adrian's draft. I spent the first 3.5 hours msning,repeating songs, looking at youtube video and only starting in the last 30 minutes when i saw the clock and went "oh shit its 11.30 already"

I think i've repeated muse New Born song for like 100 times already HAHA, addicted to the piano solo at the start. i would just play the song until it reaches the 2 min mark and repeat again :D.

Matthew Bellamy is sooo talented. Shit I think i would become a gay for him man.

I've been listening to AFI On the Arrow again too. I remember listening to the song non stop for like almost a week straight when i first heard it.

On The Arrow Lyrics
Artist(Band):A.F.I. (AFI)

He said "What truly belongs here", "Not I", she said.
I’ll lie here with you.
He knows no one shines forever,
they change with the weather.
He said "I've now stayed too long here".
"Goodbye", she said. I’ll wait here for you.
He knows the winds carry sorrow,
as they leave she'll follow, they leave tomorrow.

Fragments of joy torn apart.
A freshly drained heart that beats
disguise themselves through him.
He’ll say that it’s nothing new,
and swear this is true.
For you, I’ll swallow the ocean.

i'll swallow the ocean

He said "Who truly belongs here", "Not I", she said.
I'll lie here, to you.
I know this sorrow is sacred and I’ll never break you.
I’ll softly save you.

Fragments of joy torn apart.
A freshly drained heart that beats
disguise themselves through him.
He’ll say that it’s nothing new,
and swear this is true.
For you, I’ll swallow the ocean.

i'll swallow the ocean

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Not that BAD. I actually think its quite okay,big improvement from the 4 UUUUs

Pw is dead, only have 5 days to prepare for the dry OP run. ANDDD there's something very bad that's going to occur in weekends(msn nick shld tell you why!).

I so dread this saturday :( detention tomorrow too argh.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Things are looking good so far. 2 pass(3 if they round up my 44.4 for chem which i HOPE they wil).

My chinese is the best among my other subjects AGAIN. i actually got 64 for it. my first B since i came to jc mann and out of all the subjects it came from chinese. *faint*

C for math and E for chem.

Quite happy and grateful for my results so far. I dont really expect any fantastic results,but just improvements from my 4 Us in midyear to promote! Funny how i actually aim to get all As after failing miserably for my midyears, too bad laziness and the good old sec sch days killed my discipline. Shit i still owe my math teacher last term's homework.

I never liked the giving out of papers period cause there would always be saddness around. It sucks seeing the people around you and friends being very sad cause of having grades that might result in retaining.Worst of all, i suck badly at comforting people. Never relaly believed in comforting someone too much since i actually like to be left alone when i'm disappointed/emoo.That's why i dont really comfort people cause its better to say nothing than to comfort badly.Silent comforting! Of course theere are people who are damn good at comforting though HAHA.

Bio, gp, econs tomorrow! Oh i'm damn scared of gp ;'(.

I hope everyonee in class gets promoted, friends or foe, still a class afterall.

And thank god for all the wonderful things that happened this few weeks :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

5 guys in a room overnight, what a fun night :D

Resident evil was cool, though i dont really get the characters since i didnt watch the first 2. Was a little scary since the zombies would come out suddenly and that happened like 54645645 times.

First time going to a muslim friend house for hari raya. Siti's parent's mutton briani and the curry were nicee. Was pretty mentally dead since i had little sleep in aaron's house, but it was still alright since most of the class came.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007




HHAHA i think the maris stella video is the best among all. *thumbs up*
Went gyming today with andrew. Did more of leg exercise since there were FEMALE canoiest(i think) and i didnt want to malu myself. Must go for some hardcore training now cause...


HAHAHA Shit im obssessed with this advertisement again. I think this is the funniest advertisement singapore has ever produced

hi i'm selling my house,
you'll like it..
its clean and green with 3 huge rooms..
the bed room is over there >>
the kitchen is over there >>
this is my beautiful bathroom,
check out my matching pipes..
want to see more call this number..


Sunday, October 07, 2007


The 6 of us met eagerly at 11 and went to escape. And then came the biggest joke/self jacking.


We decide to have fun anyway doing stupid pose.

Guess who are we posing as HAHA

So we went to

We decided to breathe some fresh airrr.

Rented some bikes and off we go :D

Now you know where those zao geng picture comes from rofl. Anyway we had a fun day despite escape being closed. Shouldnt have wore jeans if i knew escape was closed. Cycling with jeans is a pain i tell you.


Celebrated the bday of hf,sy,lk

Went to mind cafe after that.

Anyway sy was sick so he left with nic first. Played monopoly after that and its so fun! Yihe and lk form a monopoly, Me and hf formed one too and the andrew,aaron,adrian form another(also known as the begger sect HAHA). Andrew and adrian died, so it was left to the two giant groups. Left at 5. Aaron lk and me went to AMK to eat at botak jones(western hawker centre store). The food there was nice and the servings were INSANELY huge. Price were a little steep compared to normal though i wouldnt mind paying a little more for the quality.


Went for training today with andrew. It wasnt good at all ;/. Die i'm losing interest in shooting. Went home to sleeep the entire afternoon away to catch up on lost sleep :D. I THINK the teachers will be returning exam papers tomorrow. ): Can only hope for the best. I HOPE ALL THOSE RETAINING JOKES WOT COME TRUE. I was only joking to the others i swear!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Watched Balls of fury today, was quite a funny show though the story line was so stupid. Purely for laughing i guess. I'm sick and tired of fish and chips, seem to never really be able to finish one in fish n co and now in the manhattan fish place.

Escape theme park tomorrow! Havent been there for a long time =s.

You know it sucks to act infront of someone you dont like. I seem to be unlucky to always be in these situations this year. Someway or another, i always been able to avoid it by taking another route or just plain luck. I tihnk the person knows it judging from all the excuse i cough up always but i dont really like to be a hypocrite infront of people i dislike soo~ :( hw i wish i have better going home partners.

Oh a miracle happened today! I missed the bus and was obviously late for school. Luckily my tutiion teacher saw me and she drove me to cjc :D. So lucky pleaseee. Or not i would have been s uper late for the paper.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There's still some hope of promotion after doing the bio paper!

Secondhand serenade - The last song ever

I wish my life was this song
cause songs they never die
I could write for years and years
and never have to cry I?d show u how I feel
with out saying a word
I could rap up both are hearts
I no it sounds absurd

and i saw the tears on ur face
i shot u down and i slammed the door
but couldn?t make a sound
so please stay sweet my dear
don?t hate me now
i cant tell how this last song ends

the way that i feel tonight so down so down
i pray i can swim just so i wont drown and the waves
that crash over me i am gasping for air take my hand
so i can breath as i write this last song down

and i saw the tears on ur face i shot u down
and i slammed the door but couldn?t make a sound
so please stay sweet my dear
don?t hate me now
i cant tell how this last song ends

the broken glass ..... your moistened skin
was everything was everything

and your broken voice ..... was quivering
your everything your everything

scream at me make it the best i ever heard
laugh out loud i no it sounds absurd

scream at me make it the best i ever heard
your everything your everything

heart beats slowing pains are growing
does she love you that?s worth knowing

heart beats slowing pains are growing
does she love you that?s worth knowing


Monday, October 01, 2007

I thought chem would be the one of the subject im going to use to pass since its the easiest.

Die la. My chem is dead dead dead. Didnt complete the paper and i didnt know how to do the rest of the questionsssss. Hello U. So saddd after the paper. Now i must pass bio in order to get promoted, kind of hard since bio is a pain to study. DO OR DIEEEEEEE.

Blame it on Hao feng's post chem exam failure cum econs activity joke, now really become REAL post chem exam FAILURE activity :(.

Off to swim with hf and andrew HAHA.