Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I've been deprived of sleep for the past few days.

Sunday - Staying up to 12am to do the stupid gp project and doing my bio tutorial till 2am THANKS TO ANDREW!Slept at 3am

Monday - Slept at 1am Couldnt sleep even though im so freakinggggg tired from accompnaying jas going shopping. So much for shopping therapy *shrugs*

Tuesday - Met up with dharma,charlotte,meng han and talk rubbish at my old primary school park during the night. Reached home and i realised i have BIO TUTORIAL TOMORROW, i had to redraw my stupid flower and write some 300 word essay about myself. Couldnt find a flower and panic panic then i found mr teo flower notes HAH! THE DETAILED DRAWING OF A FLOWER. I spend like 1.5 hour to just copy and enlarge the stupid "flower" and just 10 min to finish the essay LOL. I wrote about bio,nyjc being a cheena jc and the explanation for my sucky handwriting ROFL. Slept at 3am.

Who knows what time i'll sleep today ;S. Yesterday was some funny. I saw jacinta on my way back standing waiting for somebody, wanted to say hi BUTTT she turned around and look at me and she didnt say hi to me LOL. Figured out that it might be the wrong person and continued to walk home, i turned back later and *GASP* SHE'S GONE! Later found out it was the right person, she claimed she didnt see me cause it was dark ! Shit i think im too short!

So many test next week. I think im going to fail all and be the last in class :X. The only lecture which i pay attention to is bio lectureee, the only tutorial i did are bio and chem. i think im the only idiot in class who didnt do ANY questions from the math tutorial. Teachers doesnt check so ohh who cares :D. Simple way to know if im listening. Wearing specs = good boy and listen :D.

Mon and wed has passed. Now all that left are boring days :(. Next thing to look forward to is aaron party on sat and my bday which is like 22 days later. 22/2 chio birthday right!

Oh great, i just realised i have chem tutorial tomorrow WHICH HAS A SHIT LOAD OF HOMEWORK.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Heng i didnt stay back yesterday to wait for MR X, he came at like 6+ and he didnt even play too! No play = no jacking and laughing of him :(. I called him and asked the score and the conversation was damn funny rofl. Mr X salutes me for being in njyc!The conversation went smth like this.

MR X: "wah lao i really wonder how u survive in nyjc, seriously i today go ur sch, omg majority of the people there speak chinese . Its like so cheena la! Shit sia, how u adapt onee?!!! If i go there i sure die oneee, no way im ever going to nyjc! Seriously, nyjc is damn cheena la!I feel ur pain now man i feel your pain man. Now i know what ure going through!"

Haha now u feel my pain! Never doubt my adapting ability man :D Like i said, nyjc isnt really that jialat as i thought. I have to admit im lucky in a sense, been overlooking this good luck of mine for a while until recently :P My class and og so far are mostly english speaking!(EVERYONE IN MY CCA SPEAKS IN CHINESE THOUGH!) Its so damn fortunate cause whenever i walk around the canteen, i can hear the rest of the people communicating in chinese -_-.. To be frank, i'm 100% leaving nyjc for another jc :X. Im not a gambler so i dont want to gamble my 2 years of my jc life being in a cheena class LOL. Being lucky in pae is one thing, being lucky in jae is a different thing. My O's results would prolly range from SAJC -> CJC. Anything more than cjc and i would be quite disappointed. Man i want to go to sajc!

Oh and i dreamt i got 14 points a few days ago @#%!@!@$

Edit: Mr x wish to remain annoyomous(however u spell it) :D

Monday, January 29, 2007

Now i feel like slapping myself for staying up late to compelte the open structured bio question, the damn tutorial today only covered till the MCQs. Arghhhhh. I fail @ my resolutions today man, i tried to listen at the lecture but but the lecturer started off with some thought provoking questions. It smth like this:

"Are you the one to give up or do you continue fight on the problem until u overcome it"

Ya i know its a damn stupid question but somehow i was thinking abt that question for the whole damn lecture, which causes me to fail at my resolutions arghh. I have a sudden feeling to just lie down on the park near my old home and look at the starry skies. Figured out it would be stupid to just lie down there alone and i asked dharma along, which then followed by asking charlotte along. Tada! we have a mini charlton gathering!

Its been a long time since i lie down looking at the stars.
I feel like slapping andrew for his "lets go to mac and study!" rubbish LOL. Ok maybe partly its my fault but omg he still deserves a slap.

He smsed and spammed call to my hp in the morning with "wan come mac and do hw with me or not!?!" which i didnt reply cause i wasnt checking my hp. I checked my hp at 12pm and called him back.

Ky: ya?call me for?
andrew: wan come mac and do hw with me or nott
Ky: err u staying till wda time?
Andrew : 3+ 4+ lor
Ky: okok i'll come ard 1pm

I was watching bleach at that time so i decided to continue watching LOL. A little late wont kilL! I end up being 30 mins late. And omg! To my surprise, andrew was doing chinese homework! Shit! He has become a changed man. I took out my bio notes and started reading so that i could do my tutorial. At 2.20pm..

Andrew: ehh i damn sian already la, 10 more mins then lets go ! I feel like playing pool lehhh
Ky: wtff? So fast?Nb i only come less than 1 hr only!
Andrew: can laa lets go pool!

Since im aching for pool too, we stopped at 2.30pm, So much for 3+ 4+ *cough cough*. We took the mrt to dhobby and went to paradigm, which was as usual full. On the way out, i saw some stupid poser wearing a ridiculously long t shirt and i told andrew "Ehh that guy is damn cool! His t shirt like some table cloth or window curtain LOL" and as expected, walking beside him was some chao ah lian looking girl.

We decided to go to orchard to shop for yihe bday present and andrew was "LETS GO HMV FIRST!" Spent like 30 mins browsing through the music cds there, hmm i might get the u2 cd soon! Andrew bought 2 cds which cost like 26 bucks i think and while we were walking out..

Andrew: *laugh* eh howww i got no more money left leh!How to buy yihe gift? You got money or not?
Ky: No i already told u i nv bring money today wad. how much u left?
Andrew: *takes out his hand from his pocket* 80 cents!
Ky: Haha sucker! i got 4 bucks left.

Went back after that since we're both broke :(. Came home and i was so shagged htat i immediately fell asleep on my bed. Woke up and watched the invincible duo on tv before going online to discuss the gp proejct with my classmates. Damn the discussion took 2.5 hrs !. Tbh, i wasnt giving 100% attention to the discussion but multi tasking and doing lots of other stuffs. At 1 point i was doing my bio tutorial + joining the discussion + chatting + completeing my master piece LOL. Fuckk too bad the master piece isnt complete cause charlotte doesnt have a face where she faces to the left :( I only manage to complete a sucky piece! Damn im tempted to put here but girls are bitches and bitches will bite u till you die!

And why the hell am i wastnig time to blog? ARGHH BIO TUTORIAL IS KILLING ME. Damn u andrew! This wouldnt happen if it wasnt for ur "lets go to mac and study!" rubbish. ROARR! Damn wind is so cool in the night and im squeezing my soft toy now for warmth which doesnt seem to help -_-.

Im still considering whether to stay back in sch tomorrow and see the tennis match between nyjc and mjc. Yihe is coming to nyjc and i feel like seeing him play and laughing at him. haha! but why must the damn thing start at 5+ !@%!@%!@

Die die 1am already. Looks like i'll just do it the marist way tomorrow. COPYYYY!

Edit: 2am already. *shows white flag* Looks like the sith lord eyes will appear tomorrow again :( so much for slping 16 hours on sat just to remove it!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

*Person comes online*
*opens up the conversation window*
*Message or not?*
*close conversation*

Friday, January 26, 2007

Shit! Its time to start listening to lectures and doing tutorials, its gotten to a point so bad that i dont understand a single question at the tutorial. Worse still, there aint fellow slackers in class :( everyone seems to do their tutorial! Yes yes i shall be a further changed man!

1) i shall wear specs to every lecture and listen properly!
2) i shall begin doing my tutorials!

Ok i hope i do that! Wearing specs is a pain in the ass though. Somehow i feel that i cant seem to click with my class well, not that they're bad or wadever, they're a friendlyt bunch of people. I'm on good terms with them but not close with any of them which is so different from sec sch, where theres 24/7 of laughing with the close ppl around me.

Grr! I need to find my jack asses in crime !

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sheesh. I'm having some frequents moodswing nowadays, especially in the night. Feel good during the day and feel shitty during the night, probably my brain being more active during the night.

i've been walking home recently, mainly because most of the people walked the other way instead of my route home :(. Walking home is fun tho! Enjoying the air, looking at the surroundings,clearing the thoughts and of course the babes!

Ky: omg omg hot babe!O_O
*walks pass and hear some foreign language called chinese coming out from the mouth*
Ky: O_O -> -_-... Omfg cheena. What a pity =(. IGNORE LIST!

Of course all those stream through my mind and not my mouth dUH! I seem to hear more chinese speaking people now,all the member in my current cca are chinese speaking. Omg i hope its just my jc. Noo~ English shall prevail!

Aww mindblock. i cant seem to write my thoughts down now. Somehow i think this blog is gonna close down soon :P It isnt fun sharing my thoughts anymore and some thoughts are better kept private!

and omg i found my sch couple dance song LOL, with actors somemore!

Awww i miss mass dance. Ok maybe not day 1 and day 2 but day 3 LOL! please dont be a self righteous ass(hi adrian!) and say" omg ky ure so bad!!!" I'm a guy plz and guys are guys, they never change! Hur hur better keep my mouth shut on this issue, especially the better day ;x. Never know whos reading ur bloG!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bad luck of the day : having to redraw my bio practical.

I dont feel happy nowadays, too much things on my head, too little sleep and too little balls. Maybe its time to just give it a go.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No bad luck yesterday = double bad luck today. My plan failed today and i ended up waiting at the bus stop for 1 freaking hour like a idiot + i almost got squashed by the damn mrt doors. Those damn singaporeans need to learn how to squeeze!

Went to bugis to meet up with my alktg group which i havent seen them for 2 years. Only Jacinta,cheryl,elroy came though :(. I was walking around trying to find them, so damn hard to find them! They changed super alot, especially jac(haha chiobu :P). Ate at some western food restaurant where the food was so so and jacinta was complaining abt her food. Oh girl u havent changed throughout the years :D. Went to the coffee connisaur or wadever later to have a chat till 8+pm. Shit! i feel so pai seh cause cheryl treated all of us to the drinks :(( Thats like the first time a girl treats me. NooO~ Jac wanted to buy her bf a gift for valentine day and immediately something appeared in my mind.


Luckily the shopping only lasted 30 mins and she got a parkers pen. Rofl the promoter of the parker's pen was some bitch with a shitty attitude! Went home after shopping with me,jac,elroy going back together, walked jac home and home sweet home :) Tiring day =S

And omg today smth funyn happened

Shinwei(classmate): eh ker yu, got 1 person looking for u leh *point point*
Ky: is it?who who! *walks there*
Girl : ure ker yu right??
Ky: u are?..
Girl: oh im ur kindergarten friend huiqi!!
Ky: *gives stunned face* oh ok hii! Hui qi ar.. hmm cant remember leh..but sounds familiar. sorryy!i got bad memory
girl: oh ok, a few of our kindergaten ppl also in ny leh!

Omg how can she remember kindergarten friends LOL

Monday, January 22, 2007

Omggg, i dont know how to do like 70% of my bio tutorial . Worst, i flipped through my notes and i dont understand anything at all. Die die die! Bio tutorial is like the first tutorial i actually touched, since its complusory to do or the teacher will kick ur ass!Next tutorial to do would probably be chemistry, and no more others! Math,econ,gp, chinese tutors wont chase u if u dont do wahaha. I have to read through my notes soon though. . I dont understand a single thing about math LOL + i feel like a total idiot in chinese lesson. Why is jc chinese so hard!

The alternative answer to ur tutorials - Copyy!Oh and there's something to look forward in school now. The bad luck of the day. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yesterday sec sch class gathering was very fun and agitating, i was looking forward to the gathering tbh! Its like a breakday for repenting and to be assholes once again. We reached at cityhall 30 mins late cause *cough* andrew was late, looks like someone has taken over my lateness geness!

I got a little moodless when i saw nigel coming -_-.. in his poser attire as usual, with some stupid thing sticking out from his back pocket and omfg so "cool" hair. I told myself to calm down and think that maybe he's a changed man like me. When he talked to me, the first thing i said to him was "ehh nigel u look damn cool today", surprisely he detected my sarcasm and of course gave the typical nigel answer "Kp la, stop being so fucking sarcastic" in his lowwww voice. Somehow his vocab seem to comprise only of "cb,kp,knn etc etc". Second incident was some people suddenly going off on their own way to eat without informing any of us, so much for everyone agreeing to the place at first *shrugs* Yihe and sy were quite pissed at them too :X.

The talk cock session at carls jr was fun tho :D, with common topics ranging from sodium to JC life. Arcade was next and shittttt, i lost to yihe on street fighter. nooo =( Close games ok! seeing adrian playing daytona = PRICELESS ROFL. He got lapped 1 round by the others HAHA. No hope la! Went pooling at paradigm after arcade where i saw some marists there and one that i particularly did not like -_-. Pool wasnt fun at all, how can it be fun when there's like 10+ people sharing 1 table --'. Nigel said he already booked 3 tables but i see people coming in without booking to fill up the free tables, Oh well. Pooled for 2 hrs and we went to meet up with those people who didnt wanted to play pool.

I was already damn dulan and pek chek after pool when nigel decides that he wants to be the jason of the day on the way to PS. There were 2 roads leading to the traffic light and obviously common senses tells u to take the shortest route to the traffic light than going one big round of detour to reach it.

Ky: ... Nigel why u walk that way? need walk 1 big round to reach ps. Theres one straight pathway here *points*
Nigel : that side cannot la. it wont lead u to anywhere la.
Ky: Then why is there a fucking pathway there that leads u to infront of the road?
Nigel : just follow me la.

I thought i might be wrong so i decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. When we crossed over to the other side, i went to take a look and voila! The straight pathway leads to the traffic light. I decided to just keep quiet incase it blows into something big. In ps, he decides to be the almighty jason again.

*walks pass the escalator in the middle*
Ky: Ehh i thought they're in L4. Take the escalator?
Nigel: No we taking lift
Ky: oh ok.
*walks to the far side and nigel stepped on the other escalator*

Aaron: ehh relax la. I'm also damn sian like you now, im just controlling.

So nigel went up to L2 and walked towards the lift, Lift came and it was full. Nigel the jason decides on a brilliant plan: "Lets go by the escalator!" He led the way again and tada.

Ky: Why are you going that way?The escalator up is this side
NigeL: Nooo. where u going? The escalator up is this way la!
Nigel: Its here la not that side

knn i was already damn pissed off and he still trys to be a jason giving all the rubbish theories

few seconds later after he walk his own direction..
Nigel: Eh ya hor. the escalator up is the other side. Srry la srry la.

And we finally met up with the rest and i had to put up a false face to hide my dulan mood. I dont know why i get so pissed off with some people, maybe i wasnt in the right mood or that we just dont click. If it was aaron,lk,yihe,sy,balls etc, i would just laugh at them and "SELF JACKKKKKKK!"

Met up with them and we decided to just go home. I was like omg liberation day bitch!. Me lk and adrian went to aaron house to watch borat(r21 no porn show plS!). I watched it already so it wasnt as nice for me :P but nevertheless it's still a funny show :D. It was 9+ already and i was a little tired, but aaron was "nono must watch a bit of jackass 2 first before u go!" Man, once we begin to watch jackass 2 , we were hooked ROFL. Its a movie where they show the actors of the movie doing different funny and crazy stunts with no storyline. The movie was so funny that we laugh for like every second of the show. Omg i laugh until all my tears came out and my stomach had cramps. All the stunts performed in the movie were real(eg. the snake biting the actors arm bla bla) so it was a little scary and gross sometimes :X. The show is m18 in sg btw.


Lk and i saw adrian og mate when we went home HAHA. Rofl we jacked him infront of his friend(girl somemore!) so badly :P He gave me a tight slap on the back tho shitttt!

Suffer first in the day, and you enjoy later in the night. What a well deserved treat :D

Friday, January 19, 2007

My luck suck so bad that there's always 1 shitty thing that happens to me everyday. Same shit different day. Oh man :( What comes around goes around i guess, i didnt expect retribution to hit so hard shit!

Bad luck of the day : Realised i left my shoe bag in school when i was infront of my house. I was cursing and swearing on the way back to ny. Thanks to wenjie for helping me ge it back first tho ^^

Thursday, January 18, 2007

HAH! Lucky me :D I didnt blog about the orientation camp or not my blog "article" would appear in... ! That explains the NYJC orientation camp 2007 search in the tracking device LOL.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Song bo i have inherited some of yihe fucking bad luck.

1)I didnt place the bio notes that i printed to my bag, only to find it missing during bio lecture. I had to sit on the floor right infront of the teacher, thats like so maluuuuu. Furthermore , i had to concentrate like super hard during the lecture incase the bio teacher ask me any questions which is exactly the opposite what i would do in a lecture : stone stone stone!

2) The cca teacher head told us in assembly that it was complusory to join some cca in nyjc, im like shittttttttttt WHYYYYYY! The cca channel news nanyang(whcih dharma and tj wanted to join) went up the stage to promote their cca and an idea came up to my mind. "Shit! thats like the perfect cca to slack join!" Immediately after the talk, i called dharma and said "omg dharma where r u?Lets join cnny!" Of course i was just being sarcastic, it's bo pian then join cca ok?~. I was whining to dharma all the way from the canteen to the cca room.

Other than that, today's been qutie a fun day ^^ prolly except for some other stuff. Feeling better now :DD

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I feel like slapping those people who did the whole lecture notes before coming to the lecture because i dont know why the fuck are they working so hard for first 3 months.

I feel like puking after eating the school food cause it's worst than my secondary sch food which is already shit.

I feel like a idiot in chinese class cause i dont understand ayn single thing the chinese teacher is saying(thanks to wen jie for translating every chi word i duno!)

I feel like killing myself for being so emo

Arghh cheer up cheer up~~

On the other hand, my new class seem like quite a bunch of fun people :).

Monday, January 15, 2007

Video of mshs graduation dinner 2006. Mehh it brings back so many good memories.

Once a Marist, always a marist!

This video somehow brought a warm feeling to me and made me smile :). I havent smile like that for a long time and that lifted me from my shitty mood recently. It renews my belief that there's still some hope for the ever changing world ^^

and shit! i know its a damn old video. I'm alway slow at finding things okkkkkkkkk`~

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I just felt so sad all of a sudden yesterday and that damn feeling remained even for today. That must be the result of keeping everything to yourself and it slowly escalates up into some big problem, up till now i dont even know why i feel sad -_-. Maybe its the og outing, or it could be jc life, then again maybe its just pms~

Lets hope tomorrow will be a better day. New jc class and hopefully some chance for something ^^.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A sudden change of feelings today :D From sad -> happy! AWw i think it owuld be the first night in 3 days that i can sleep well :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

HAHA! I glad i repent man. GOOD KARMA IS COMING BACK TO ME! ^_^ Happy day! Its weird that i can talk cock more in dharma's og than in my og.. LOL

On the other hand, lectures are kind of scary, no not the teachers but the people sitting around you. Those 3 people beside me DID THE WHOLE FREAKING MATH WORKSHEET ALREADY.Its like 15 page thick?!!I didnt even do 1 single question -_-. After lecture, i heard one guy saying "shit sia. why they give so easy math question" Why first 3 month everyone mug alreadyyyyy :(

Monday, January 08, 2007

I thought mshs provides the worst canteen food. Man Nyjc canteen food snatches the worst canteen food title straight from mshs.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
lets pause the repenting for tonite

MaryM: But DO remember that you ARE CUTE says:

Sleepy times ahead says:

Sleepy times ahead says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
tmr repent again

MaryM: But DO remember that you ARE CUTE says:

MaryM: But DO remember that you ARE CUTE says:

Sleepy times ahead says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

MaryM: But DO remember that you ARE CUTE says:
karma calculator counting

Sleepy times ahead says:
fcker u r 1

Sleepy times ahead says:

MaryM: But DO remember that you ARE CUTE says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:


Greaaaaaaaaat says:
good karma

Greaaaaaaaaat says:
kokseng talk to me

Greaaaaaaaaat says:
he has forgiven me

Greaaaaaaaaat says:
after all that i've done

Greaaaaaaaaat says:
my luck will take a turn
HAHAHA! SEE THOSE PEOPLE WHO DONT BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY ABOUT BAD KARMA! Mr ng yihe aka the jack ass has become the first victim!(reasons will nt be shown here for protective measures rofl)


Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
be a changed man like me

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
or u will have bad lkarma like yihe


Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
im a changed man

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
want to join me?

Sleepy times ahead says:
the urge to kill u

Sleepy times ahead says:
go stronger every minute

Sleepy times ahead says:

Bye adrian! ure next ROFL. Its not too late to be a changed man like me!

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Wow this isnt good news :X.

On the other hand, I kind of miss mshs, especially 4c, those bunch of jack ass rofl. It was fun meeting yihe,lk,andrew,sy today for lunch and just talking rubbish(especially yihe bad karma lol.) Hopefully it'll be a weekly thing ^^

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The orientation camp was better than i thought. I was expecting 95% of the population to speak zhong guo, even the principal of nyjc speech has a part that includes rumours of nyjc being a cheena jc! :

"U may have heard many rumour, such as nanyang is old blalblaballbabla. Many people thinks nanyang jc is like a cheena jc, the principal doesnt speak english etc because it has a nanyang on it. But this is false! Do not listen to those rumours"

I cant remember the exact speech but its smth like that. i was chuckling and grinning
like a idiot when he said that ROFL. My luck for the psat few days is pretty shitty! Cursed orrrrr?

1st day: The new shoes gave my left foot a blister and i had to walk and run with it. Mass dance was BAD*

2nd day: Mass dance was BAD*

3rd day: Food poisoning cause the damn uncle didnt COOK the cockles for my laksa and i stupidly ate a few. Vommited a few times before coming to school but it didnt helped much -_-, i still felt like vomitting every single moment. BUT NEVERMIND. CAUSE THE THIRD DAY WAS THE BEST! MASS DANCE MASS DANCE!!! My luck finally took a turn* :D.

4th day aka today : I caught a fever -_-.

Fuck i'll update it some other time! Fever + food poison >>>>>>>> me. Why is my luck so bad ;S.Being a changed man should have better karma :X:X. Apparently some people doesnt think im a changed man!T..T

SLeepy times ahead says:

SLeepy times ahead says:
god i hate knowing u

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
im so friendly

SLeepy times ahead says:

SLeepy times ahead says:
changed man

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
im always friendly ^_^

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:
u wont regret knowing mE!

SLeepy times ahead says:
i am regretting since sec 4...

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

SLeepy times ahead says:
cuz u r the root of all evil

Ky: A chiobu gives a magical touch,an **** girl gives a vampiric touch. Fill in your owN! says:

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nyjc is better than i thought.(English speaking grp :D). Lets see after orientation camp..~

Monday, January 01, 2007

Shit! I havent received any call about the nyjc orientation camp! ALl the people i know going to nyjc have all received. Nooooooooooo~ I dont want to be a suaku on the first day of school bringing nothing to the orientation camp. I dont know why. Maybe the ogl is slacking, maybe the school has branded all those who appeal to other jc as "foreign talents" "betrayers" and decides to pang seh us rofl!. I'm just kidding :X. Or i just missed the call.

2 days more. I wonder how am i really going to communicate with them :(. Speaking chinese again can be added to my new year resolution! On a second thought, na! I'll probably sound as weird as aaron saying cheebye ROFLLLLLLLLL.

Happy new year anyway! :D Death note part 2 is nice! Very good and intelligent plot. 4-4.5/5! Misa Misa!